'Female lying in bed with smartphone'

Effects of Technology Insomnia

You probably prefer to read these suggestions for peaceful slumber during the quiet, early-morning hours.

Gerontology 'Elderly female on sofa'

No Longer Care for the Elderly

The actions of both the government and people, in general, leave some questioning whether we simply do not care about old people.

Internist 'Senior man jogging for good health'

Options for Cholesterol

A patient who has made significant personal progress welcomes a visit to a new physician but becomes disillusioned by an insistent recommendation.

Woman 'Black female with outstretched arms (ai)'

Dressing Professionally With Curves

Unlock style secrets for curvy women navigating the professional world effortlessly.

Mental health 'Female relaxing after drug treatment'

Ketamine for Mental Health

Ketamine therapy for mental health is a ‘Wild West’ for both doctors and patients. Discover the pros and cons of this controversial treatment.


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Individual 'Building inspector'

How to Handle Slumlords

Tenants, fearful of rent increases or further neglect, may put up with conditions that defy normal standards for habitation.

Gerontology 'Senior couple dances in living room'

A Growing Geriatrician Shortage

Who will care for older adults? We’ve plenty of know-how but too few specialists. How will this impact senior health care?

Woman 'Sexy seated female in red dress'

Distinguish Sexuality from Objectification

Discover how objectification harms self-esteem and relationships in this thought-provoking article.

Neurology 'Man with hands on forehead'

Understand Headache Causes

A comprehensive breakdown of common headaches. Gain a deeper understanding of everything from brain tumor fears to lifestyle influences.

Rheumatology 'Man warming hands with hot beverage'

Mysterious Cold Hands Warm Heart

My sensitivity to cold goes deeper than being a thin-blooded Californian. What are the causes and probable diagnoses?

Individual 'Male face with albinism (ai)'

Embrace Your Unique Self

Discover how to embrace your uniqueness and boost self-esteem by focusing on your strengths, not flaws.

Nephrology 'Young woman drinking water'

Quick Human Kidney Facts

Don’t neglect your kidneys! Discover fascinating facts about this vital organ and the clues signaling the need for medical intervention.


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