'Senior man jogging for good health'

Options for Cholesterol

A patient who has made significant personal progress welcomes a visit to a new physician but becomes disillusioned by an insistent recommendation.

Rheumatology 'Man warming hands with hot beverage'

Mysterious Cold Hands Warm Heart

My sensitivity to cold goes deeper than being a thin-blooded Californian. What are the causes and probable diagnoses?

Cardiology 'Man with coffee cup holding his chest'

You Are Not Too Young For a Stroke

Expert tips for patients and caregivers. Optimize ischemic stroke recovery, prevent recurrence and ensure a brighter future.

Internist 'Fatigued man on sofa'

Understanding Rhabdomyolysis

Empower yourself with knowledge about rhabdomyolysis and its impact on your health to prevent and manage this serious condition.

Cardiology 'Man holding chest'

Proactive Cardiology Poster Hanging

If you are a doctor who embraces challenges, then it’s time to channel that adventurousness into improving heart health.


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Cardiology 'Man grasping chest pain'

Surviving a Heart Attack

If you are alone, there are some steps you should prepare for and be ready to implement. First, get to a safe place to call emergency services.

Oncology 'Child cancer patient'

Bloodless Leukemia Treatment Options

Leukemia treatment typically involves stem cell and blood transfusion. These transfu­sion-free options offer hope for this cancer of the blood.

Cardiology 'Hands holding chest'

Living Through Angina

You might feel like you’re hav­ing a heart attack, but the symp­toms differ. What is angi­na, and is there any­thing you can do to pre­vent or treat it?

Cardiology 'EMT chest compression'

Improve Your Heart Health

Your heart is a muscle that requires care like any other organ in your body. Don’t take heartbeats for granted.

Cardiology 'Mature male jogger'

Effects of Aging Heart

Most muscles get a rest between work­outs. But not your heart. With billions of heart­beats during a life­time, it shows signs of wear as you age.

Cardiology 'Apple Watch heart monitor'

Premature Ventricular Contractions

Occurring occasionally, Premature Ventricular Contractions can resolve on their own. Occurring frequently, PVCs can signal more serious conditions.

Cardiology 'Blood components'

Acquired Aplastic Anemia

A rare triple-threat anemia can deplete each major blood compo­nent, reducing energy, decreas­ing lung and heart function.


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