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Clinical Background

ClinicalPosters has been provid­ing graphic design, techni­cal illustra­tion, company branding, product packaging, and program­ming services for decades. Following 15 years as an inde­pen­dent creative consultant for Neutrogena scientific research (Johnson & Johnson subsidiary), the ClinicalPosters website was launched in January 2010. This has broaden­ed offer­ings to include exam-room anatomy posters and anatomical models for thousands of medical facilities.

Quality Distinction

As a customer, when you login, content related to your medical interest is auto­mati­cal­ly curated. This is true of products and blog articles. ClinicalPosters provides customiz­able DeuPair Frames that allow medical profes­sionals to personalize patient exam-room experi­ences. Doctors choose ClinicalPosters for good reasons:

  • Quality poster frames with interchangeable content
  • Detailed anatomical models for exam rooms and classrooms
  • Hygienic finishing options
  • Two blogs cover health topics and site news

Background both in clinical support and the advertis­ing indus­try qualifies ClinicalPosters to pro­duce custom artwork in res­ponse to speci­fic customer needs. Other manufac­turers partner with ClinicalPosters to provide unique products like customiz­ed anatomy posters for trade shows and conventions.

Personalize patient exam-room visits by hanging DeuPair Frames with quick-change posters.


Learning nuances of hanging artwork began during art gallery employ­ment. There are dif­fer­ences between dime-store consumer frames, com­mercial frames and archival-quality frames. Consumer frames are usually flimsy, difficult to hang with wire, and freq­uently require straighten­ing. Unprotect­ed posters can curl, peel and fade over time. Pushpins damage the surface. Grommets inter­fere with framing. ClinicalPosters developed the strong com­mercial line of DeuPair Frames as an easy solution to issues associated with hanging anatomy posters.

Treat your anatomy posters like works of art. Insert a couple of them within a DeuPair Frame. Then bring the appro­priate title to the front for patient exams. Shop now by medical category. We look forward to providing the best products and cust­omer care for years to come.

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