Clinical Background

ClinicalPosters has been providing global graphic design, technical illustration, company branding, product packaging, and programming services for decades. Following 15 years as an independent creative consultant for Neutrogena scientific research (Johnson & Johnson subsidiary) the ClinicalPosters website was launched in 2010. This broadened offerings to include exam-room anatomy posters for thousands medical facilities.

Quality Distinction

ClinicalPosters attracts medical professionals for many reasons, including:

  • Medical specialty discounts
  • Vast product selection
  • Hygienic finishing options
  • Poster frames with interchangeable content
  • Blog articles on a variety of health topics

This site has been designed to allow visitors to easily locate content, receive discounts, and quickly checkout. Our creative background qualifies us to develop custom titles in response to specific customer needs. 


ClinicalPosters developed DeuPair Frames as a solution to many of the problems associated with hanging anatomy posters. Pushpins damage the surface. Consumer frames are usually flimsy, difficult to hang wth wire, and frequently require straightening. DeuPair Frames are commercial products that solve all of these issues.

Thank You For Visiting ClinicalPosters

We look forward to providing satisfying products and customer care for years to come.