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ClinicalPosters is a small creative shop that out­performs larger competi­­tors. The founder is a skilled artist, pro­gram­mer, and writer with high stan­dards. Some of the posters on this site and many of the articles are his handi­work. Art gallery, clinical science, and advertis­ing agency experience is the founda­tion for many of the products available for you here.

Doctors, nurses, and edu­ca­tors shop ClinicalPosters to fill medical exam rooms with patient-focused hygienic laminated anatomy posters within DeuPair Frames. Collaborate with ClinicalPosters to share your scientific research on custom scientific posters for medical conferences.

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The belief here is that posters within medical exam rooms should match individual patient needs without occupying too much wall space. This goal is achievable with DeuPair Flip Frames and DeuPair Pocket Frames. Login to emulate this personalized experience with curated content on this website.

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