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Clinical Mystery

Interrogation room

Invent Crime E3

Armed with compelling evidence, the inspector is ready to begin questioning the key suspect.

Mature female attorney

Invent Crime E2

Evidence suggests a man hired to pose as a delivery person may have gained access to the victim’s home.

Boxed macaroons

Invent Crime E1

Premiere: A man is found in his home with a sweet crime scene in this quirky whodunit mystery story.

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A Bit More Healthy

Pandemic Levity – Education

Pandemic Levity – Education

This post takes a detour in presentation method to share the state of our educational system with a bit of levity. Parents and children reverse roles.

Crowd of screaming fans

Social Dissidents

With 12 states reporting 50 percent or more vaccination, some states are fully opening up to appease frustrated patrons and business owners.

Female upset by pregnancy

Effects of Pregnancy on Education

An unexpected pregnancy can interrupt high school or higher education plans. Rather than coping in isolation, get the support to overcome challenges.