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Can Schmorl’s Nodes Cause Pain?

Can Vertical Disc Herniation Cause Pain? →

Historically considered clinically insig­ni­fi­cant, Schmorl's nodes can be an active symptom or cause of pain in some patients.
The Scale is Not Your Enemy

The Scale is Not Your Enemy →

A few simple things can be done for more reliability of weight scale readings. First, answer whether you are doing...
Can You Get Rid of Eyebrow Bugs?

Can You Get Rid of Eyebrow Bugs? →

People assume it is dan­druff but something more insi­dious might be involved. Your eye­brows and your face may be covered with...

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Gastroenterology Exam-Room Design Budget

Gastroenterology Exam-Room Design Budget →

Equip each medical exam room with seven framed human anatomy posters for under $400. Optional­ly share $400 of anatomi­cal models between multiple offices.

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