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Fearful movie night

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Mental health

Thrilling Novellas and Shorts

What is the reason why mental health is a recurring theme among novels and movies? Audiences love having their emotions tortured by watching thrillers.

Young woman viewing Mars horizon


Sci-Fi Novellas and Shorts

ClinicalNovellas includes a creative genre of science fiction short stories and miniseries. Read or listen to each episode in under 10 minutes.

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ClinicalReads Health

Peek at Your Cervix


Peek at Your Cervix

With inexpensive equipment, women can get a glimpse of their own cervix prior to the customary 2-year Pap smear.

Female knees on toilet


Maintain a Healthy Bladder

Would you like to maintain a healthy urinary tract? Check out these simple tips for preventing infections and promoting overall urinary health.

Female friend assists with stomach pain


Living Easier with IBS

Are you suffering from IBS? Here are tips and tricks on how you can reduce its symptoms and make living with IBS easier.