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How Can PAD Be Confused With Diabetes?

How Can PAD Be Confused With Diabetes? →

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) typically falls under the cardio­logy specialty. Diabetes is primarily treated by endocrino­logists and nephro­logists. How can diabetes...
Your Life Depends on Your Chair

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Do Hospitals Make You Sick?

Hospitals Can Make You Sick →

Despite disposal of needles and diligent sanitation of most hospital surfaces, many patients develop secondary infections and medical complications.

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Gastroenterology Exam-Room Design Budget

Gastroenterology Exam-Room Design Budget →

Equip each medical exam room with seven framed human anatomy posters for under $400. Optionally share $400 of anatomical models between multiple offices.
Who Is Unpacking Your Posters?

Who Is Unpacking Your Posters? →

We pack products to withstand moderate squeezes, drops and light rainfall. The one thing we cannot completely account for is damage by customers after receiving a package.

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