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The Battle Against HPV

The Battle Against HPV →

Virus that causes oral cancer shares characteristics with cervical cancer. Learn how to recognize signs and prevent human papillomavirus.
Why Your Coccydynia is a Pain in the Butt

Why Your Coccydynia is a Pain in the Butt →

Considering it immovable anatomy, most doctors receive little training for tailbone injuries. These treatments should be performed by specialists.
Alternatives to Cholesterol-Fighting Statins

Cholesterol Highs and Lows →

Here is the health reason why medical doctors may harp less about your choles­terol than five years ago.

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How Do I Use the Virtual Assistant?

Find What You Need With Our Virtual Assistant →

You may find yourself shopping beyond hours of phone assistance. ClinicalPosters addresses the need for personalized help with an “Assist” button.
Speed Computer Performance By Clearing Browser Cache

Speed Up Performance By Clearing Cache →

ClinicalPosters underlying code under­goes frequent refine­ment. Returning visitors may need to clear browser history for optimum performance.