Easy Shopping For Online Graphics

Easy Shopping For Online Graphics

No More Fruitless Hunting for Graphics

Why is online shopping for custom posters and flyers elsewhere so difficult? There are many reasons, including poor-quality layouts, confusing terminology, and insufficient options. On two ends of the pricing spectrum, some customers initiate freelancer bidding wars or hire an advertising agency.

You’re in Control

With decades of experience in the advertising and printing industry, ClinicalPosters has simplified your online shopping experience. Custom graphics put you in control. Rather than settling for the content of pre-printed posters, you decide what is on the printed page.

  • Lobby Posters
  • Mission Statements
  • Product Flyers
  • Restaurant Menus

Sample layouts are fully customizable. You provide the final text or a rough outline for a copywriter. Have an image of your building or your face in a prominent position or replace default images with high-quality stock photography. You can even choose a color palette. Then hand it off to a ClinicalPosters graphic artist who does all the work for you.

Brand Your Message

Often the purpose of custom posters or other printed materials is to establish brand awareness as part of a marketing campaign. A prerequisite is that you must have a brand to promote. Often this begins with a mission statement. Transform this into a trademark. Then come up with a complimentary tagline that succinctly communicates the benefit of the brand. Now, share that brand message with others.

If you have a logo or trademark that is aligned with your brand let’s promote it together. If not, we can get that going to avoid reprinting everything. The ClinicalPosters graphics department has designed many timeless logos. Order professional custom branding from the online store.

We Speak Fluent Printing Terminology
  • 4/0 – Full 4-color printing one side
  • 4/4 – Full 4-color printing two sides
  • Bindery – Trimming, folding, drilling, finishing
  • Bleed – Ink extends off page
  • C1S – Clear coat one side
  • C2S – Clear coat two sides
  • CMYK – Cyan, magenta, yellow, black (color space)
  • Copyright – Legal reproduction rights
  • Copywriter – A professional writer
  • Crop marks – Lines indicating trim
  • Deadline – Due date
  • DPI – Dots per inch (printer)
  • Font – Typeface
  • Giclée – Quality digital stochastic printing
  • Hard proof – Color-correct paper print sample
  • HSB – Hue, saturation, brightness (color space)
  • Kerning – Optical spacing between letters
  • Logo – Literally “word,” referring to company symbol
  • Lamination – Clear film applied with heat or adhesive
  • Offset printing – Indirect ink transfer from plate to roller to paper
  • Pantone – Industry color-matching system
  • PPI – Pixels per inch (image)
  • RGB – Red, green, blue (color space)
  • Royalty-free – No usage fee
  • Soft proof – Digital PDF pre-print sample
  • Spot color – Custom color apart from CMYK
  • Stochastic – Variable printing dot
  • Stock photography – Non-exclusive images
  • Trademark – Creative symbol identifying entity, product, or service
  • Zip – App compresses documents for easy transmission
Easy Shopping For Online Graphics

Just The Right Size

When ordering posters to display within waiting rooms or hallways for medical groups or private practice, you do not usually need thousands. Hundreds, dozens, or even just one may be sufficient. Order just what you need.

Though most ClinicalPosters customers are in the medical profession, posters and flyers can be printed for any industry. Lobby posters are available in the same sizes as most human anatomy posters on this website. This makes it easy to order DeuPair Frames.

Custom graphics are non-refundable. There are no rush surcharge refunds for deadlines that are missed due to customer delays.

Who makes online shopping for custom posters and flyers easy? End frustration and delays by ordering graphics from ClinicalPosters.

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