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Annual discountrate◼︎◼︎◼︎
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No recurring bill. Pick your term from one month or more. Discounts for prepaying 12 months.

Your Audience Awaits

Hundreds of thousands within a niche group of health-conscious people visit ClinicalPosters every year. Would you like them to see your ad? We have an ideal spot for you with placement for one or more months. Receive one month free and no setup fee when paying a year in advance. Visitors who login enjoy articles curated by medical cate­gories. Banner ads appear on each article with a corresponding tag:

Cardiology, chiropractor, clinical science, cos­meto­logy, dentistry, dermato­logy, endo­crino­logy, educa­tion, fitness, gastro­entero­logy, geron­to­logy, immuno­logy, internist, market­ing, mental health, nephro­logy, neuro­logy, nutri­tion, ob-gyn, onco­logy, ortho­pe­dics, oto­laryn­go­logy, pedi­atrics, physio­logy, physio­therapy, podiatry, pul­mono­logy, rheuma­tology, technology, uro­logy, vision, writing.

So someone with an interest in dermatology, for example, sees ads with that tag more frequently when she logs in. In rotation with others, it also appears within similarly tagged articles whether visitors are logged in or not. If the tag is within the body of text, it may become a linked keyword with hoverable message. A banner ad can appear in the upper or lower position within A Bit More Healthy articles:

Lower Banner necessitates visitor login to view adver­tise­­­ment along with article references. It also appears beneath search results on blog directory page when matching category tag is selected (without login).

Upper Banner provides optimum balance of econo­my and visi­bi­lity. Your ad appears on all present and future articles matching your selected category without login requirement.

Banner Max uses one of three different article tags with the highest visitor traffic that transcend medi­cal interests. Appearing in the upper position, it appears more times on more pages in front of more viewers.

No customer data is sold to advertisers. Specifications are available for you or your ad agency to design a banner. For an additional fee, Clinical­Posters can design one for you. Don’t let your audience wait another year. Choose how many visitors you want to reach today.

Lower BannerUpper BannerBanner Max

Love a specific article? You may sponsor it. Looking for a new way to reach buyers? Consider a store within a store: Your product appears within the ClinicalPosters online store with a checkout button leading to your store. Read more…

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