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ClinicalPosters Designs Scientific Posters

ClinicalPosters Designs Scientific Posters

Where Do You Buy Clinical Posters?

ClinicalPosters has become a misnomer over the past 10 years. This website sells many anatomy, physiology, and pathology posters. Perhaps you have some hanging in your medical office or exam rooms. Actual clinical posters are one-of-a-kind custom posters that publicly covey current scientific research at conferences, expos, and conventions. They are also called scientific posters.

Ready For Conferences

The parent company of ClinicalPosters is a graphic design firm that has been preparing scientific posters for longer than ClinicalPosters has been selling anatomy posters (charts). With an easy-to-use interface, research authors can now order scientific posters online.

ClinicalPosters Designs Scientific Posters

Each custom poster receives attention by an experienced graphic designer. This means that charts, graphs, and technical illustrations come out fabulous. Researchers appreciate confidentiality and security. Throughout the design process, receive proofs through an end-to-end data encryption email server.

The online portal for scientific posters requires user login to shop. Here, you can select a layout style, color palette, indicate the due date, tyep of visual elements, receive an instant quotation, and place your order. To maintain your brand, you can upload materials with your corporate logo and colors. The more options you are able to select in advance, the easier it is to provide an accurate price. This also speeds delivery.

What is the best format for submitting content for clinical posters? Microsoft Word is most common. PowerPoint documents are more difficult to work with. Apple Pages, rich text or plain text are also acceptable.

New Medical Specialty

Visitors and customers can easily create an account with an email address and password. The list of interests corresponds to available products and articles you see after login. Adding an unlisted specialty requires programming code. So it is best to choose the closest match.

With the new collection available, Clinical Science is now an interest option for selection. On the backend, we can add a subspecialty (pathology, dermatology, etc. if desired). If you already have an account and wish to make Clinical Science your default, drop us an email.

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