More Product Options

More Product Options

🎉 Happy 10-Year Anniversary For ClinicalPosters!

At times the road was bumpy. At one point, features and product categories reached such a crescendo, that it was difficult for personnel to navigate. New site features and product offerings are more harmonious.

It has been over two years since ClinicalPosters migrated to modern behind-the-scenes programming code. Ironically, one of the things that made the old platform so popular was its vintage nature. Clinics and corporations dependent on outdated operating systems could shop on desktop computers.* Order notifications were plain-text email. The current site uses modern technologies that support mobile and desktop devices.

More Articles 📰

Content is continually growing. There are now four blogs with specific topics:

  1. ClinicalReads Health: Health blog for medical professionals and patients.
  2. ClinicalPosters News: Product announcements, sales, fulfillment, and website updates.
  3. ClilnicalInsights: Programming, website optimization, and blogging.
  4. Feature: Special offers and marketing articles.
Expect more full-text health articles in 2020 with the invitation of more guest authors.

    Discount Options 💵

    Having a sale on a particular day or hour usually takes considerable preparation. Will the sale require a promo code? Does the discount apply automatically? How do visitors know the sale is active? Can all of this be scheduled in advance? In the past, days of program­ming and testing were required to conceive and activate a sale.

    Several types of sales can now be activated from a control panel. Someone still must write descrip­tions on the blog, send out news­letters, and order inventory. But back­end program­ming now allows for scheduling of a year’s worth of monthly discounts. This means they start and end automatically.

    Product Options 🛍

    Another feature visitors have missed is the ability to easily select a variety of poster finishing options—including frames and grommets. Inventory manage­ment necessitated separate pages for poster frames for more than a year.

    Now you can now select poster hanging options from a single product page. So far, the response to this consolidation options is favorable.

    Product options extend beyond posters. Buttons and menus appear on other product pages. For example, you can select various bracelets for charms and pendants. Thanks for your patience and enjoy a variety of options as you shop on

    * This website is incompatible with old Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, popular among hackers. Vintage browsers and operating systems lack updated security patches.

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