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⚠️ With the inclusion of predictive search, this feature has been disabled.

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Product pages now include a gold contextual Find Similar button. For optimum results, it automatically filters out superfluous words within the title. The button has optimizations for anatomy posters and ClinicalPins.

Human anatomy posters are accessible from alphabetical menus under the Posters tab within the main header. Some items are one-of-a-kind or limited to available stock. At times there may be as many as eight variations of the same title at different price points.

Alternative Products
  • Identical product
  • Alternate finishing
  • Slightly damaged
  • Different manufacturer
  • Alternate size
  • Related product
  • Different color
  • Complementary item

Most product pages display one alternate as well as other suggestions at the bottom. The search option (magnifying glass) is useful if you know what to search for. Too exact of a phrase can limit results. A broad term may return too many results. Copying and pasting the exact title might return one or two results without some of the aforementioned product variations.

The search field accepts qualifiers such as AND, OR, NOT (minus sign preceding word). An asterisk is a wildcard character. the default behavior is to return results that begin with all words in the entry field. As powerful as the search field can be, many visitors don’t use it, misspell words, or do not optimize with appropriate qualifiers.

If an item appears to be sold out or if you want multiple versions of an item, try using Find Similar. If you still don’t find what you’re after, use the contact form under the About menu.

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