Get Posters While Supplies Last

Get Posters While Supplies Last

Important Announcement

One of the hallmarks of ClinicalPosters is the ability to choose custom finishing. Through a special arrangement, we have been able to order paper anatomy posters and apply lamination in various thicknesses. Then we add either grommets or frames to suit individual customer needs. To our knowledge, no other competitors provide this service.

The supply chain issues affecting many industries is felt at ClinicalPosters. Rising costs, longer shipping times, and higher minimum quantities can create bottlenecks — particularly for large orders.

A ten-fold minimum order increase of 20x26 paper posters from the supply chain is leading to shortages. Between such large pallets of posters, we can offer unlimited pre-laminated posters with grommets. These special-order requests require a minimum of two posters. Discounted closeouts may be available or you may continue to order alternative 22x28 inch posters (different artwork) with custom finishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the shortage apply to all posters?

No, just about 100 titles from Wolters Kluwer.

  1. When will more inventory be available?

The date for unfinished 20x26 Wolters Kluwer posters is unknown. Other posters are arriving throughout each month.

  1. What if I need more posters now?

You may shop for Wolters Kluwer with grommets, or slightly damaged closeouts if available.

  1. What posters from other manufacturers do you carry?

Custom finishing is available for SPL.

  1. Can I meet the 2-poster minimum by ordering one each of 2 different titles?

Yes. (The cost of one poster covers shipping to ClinicalPosters. There is a small profit on the second poster.)

  1. What is the difference between custom and pre-laminated?

Pre-laminated posters from the manufacturer are only available with grommets. At twice the thickness, custom laminate has a low-glare satin finish. Grommets are optional.

  1. Are framed poster bundles still available?

Adding a pre-configured bundle that includes a poster that is not in stock will result in a message indicating that the cart does not include all items. You may edit the cart prior to checkout.

  1. Can posters with grommets be framed?

The grommets will be visible and will limit the amount of posters per frame. But they will still fit within either DeuPair Pocket Frames or DeuPair Flip Frames.

Some customers are buying up all remaining stock of specific titles. If you feel you may desire any of the 20x26 Wolters Kluwer posters, perhaps for framing, shop now for best selection.

Framed poster with grommet
Poster with grommets within DeuPair Pocket Frame. (Protective overlay intact.)

At this time, the inventory quantity displays for when stock falls below 11 units. As soon as you confirm your order, available inventory is reserved for your custom finishing. If supply is gone, a “Sold Out” message appears in place of the “Add to Cart” button. An alternate poster appears at the bottom of the product page.

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