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Publish News 23 October 2021

You Should Be Cautious

Visiting websites nowadays is like asking for directions on Sunset Boulevard. Approaching a flamboyantly dressed man standing by a group of provocative women is likely to put you in a compromising position.

Like you, I am cautious about clicking buttons and filling out forms. Apprehension grows when there is an exchange of money for services or products.

The ClinicalPosters website is over 12 years old. We try to keep popups to a minimum, but some are required as a result of legislation. Data on this site is encrypted behind several firewalls that are monitored by a team of profes­sion­als. Some pages may require a reCAPTCHA challenge for an additional layer of security.


A common button on articles and some product pages is labeled Login. It is the same as the graphic figure in the upper right corner of this page. Login allows you to save information that is useful to completing checkouts. Even if you are not ready to make a purchase, it opens up opportunities to view more content.

ClinicalPosters features outstanding products, impeccable packing and shipping, and insightful articles on a secure website. Take a deep breath and click.

Appreciate that, like you, ClinicalPosters is cautious. Many articles here provide helpful security tips. But with mutual trust, we hope you will continue visiting.

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