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Publish News 15 October 2021

Surprised By What You See


The ClinicalPosters website has a fresh coat of paint. Colors convey moods. You will no longer feel blue when shopping on the site. I feel safe and warm with the new color scheme.

Deep forest green with gold and burgundy represents prosperity and royalty. This is what ClinicalPosters wishes for you. The deep rich colors found in nature bring photos to the foreground. Check out the colors and tell us what you think.


Product pages have an unassuming link labeled “browse.” Click it and the page drops into the most logical collection of products with “prior” and “next” buttons for easy navigation.


Code optimizations are resulting in faster page display. The average page load speed is 3 seconds. New technologies like 5G wireless and fiber optics result in even faster times on mobile and desktop devices.


Enjoy new payment options like deferred billing for major institutions with prior approval and Facebook Pay. These checkout options join a dozen other acceptable payment methods.


The amount of content on four public blogs is swelling each week. There is one called ClinicalReads Health that is devoted to the health conscious. The one called ClinicalInsights shares marketing, writing, and programming tips. Read about site News in this appropriately named blog. For pure entertainment, enjoy Novellas, which contains mystery miniseries.

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