Deferred Payments

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Publish News 20 August 2021

30-Day Purchase Order Billing

The ClinicalPosters website supports a deferred payment option for draft and pending orders. A pending order is one placed without payment remittance during checkout. A draft order is one issued over the phone. Deferred payment joins a wide variety of payment options.

Credit Approval

ClinicalPosters performs a deep-dive credit check. If your company does not have an optimum payment history, no credit will be extended.

Upon approval, your ClinicalPosters account will be tagged for 30-day payment. You must add a nominal surcharge to each order before checkout. If you forget to do so, ClinicalPosters accounting will add it and email an updated invoice before fulfillment. (This may result in a difference between internal purchase order requisitions and the amount due.) The surcharge offsets additional bookkeeping without raising the prices of every product.

The surcharge for orders you place online is lower than the ones that require customer service to prepare and send forms. If your company cannot remit within 30 days or include the surcharge, this option is not for you. Credit privileges may be paused or canceled for accounts with past-due balances. Selecting the deferred billing option without a pre-approved account may result in cancellation of the order.

Shipping Options

ClinicalPosters shares shipping discounts as part of a vast e-commerce platform. The online billing system does not have a way to reverse billing for customer courier account numbers. UPS, DHL, USPS, and FedEx couriers are available for comparison.

Schools and Universities may qualify for USPS Media Mail at a substantial discount. But there are some limitations:

  1. Shipping time ranges between 2–8 business days.
  2. USPS Media Mail rules are strict on what packages can include.
  3. There’s no insurance coverage unless you buy it at an extra cost.
  4. USPS can inspect the package to verify that it only contains items that qualify for Media Mail. This can increase the likelihood of damage to uninsured fragile posters.

If your institution qualifies for USPS Media Mail, the shipping option will appear alongside others during checkout. Recognize the limitations before choosing the cheapest option.

To maintain order history, ClinicalPosters can convert an existing personal account to one for accounts payable. Or make a new account for that department. For more information, visit special page or use contact form.

Various Payment Options

Credit cards, ClinicalPosters Gift Cards, or pro-forma invoices remain preferred payment options. ClinicalPosters can offer 30-day deferred payment with a credit limit to select USA customers. (Longer terms are not currently available.)

If you plan to purchase products with a company check, you may select that option at checkout. The payment address or bank transfer information will become visible while the fulfillment of your order is pending.

Expanding Payment Options

W9 Vendor Option

If your company anticipates purchases of $600 or more during a calendar year, provide the following information with your W9 request.

Include Info Below With W9 Request
  • Institution type
  • Purchasing company
  • Purchaser name (AP)
  • Department/title
  • Purchaser email
  • Purchaser phone
  • Billing address
  • Sales tax-exempt form
  • Purchaser DBN
  • Payment method

Customers with past-due accounts will be flagged to prevent purchases at least until payment is received.

ClinicalPosters continues to offer popular posters with finishing options unavailable anywhere else. You can also receive custom poster imprints and designs. Your loyal support is appreciated.

Did you know you can download the Shop app from the Apple App Store or Google Play? With it, you can shop and track orders. Share with us whether you prefer the app or the website experience. Use the Contact form within the About menu to answer more questions.

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