Don’t Ruin Posters

Cardboard box damage

Posters Are Fragile

It is exciting to receive a new shipment of posters. You might have so much anticipation that you have them shipped to a home addresses. Then they try to repack them to take into an office. Each time you repack posters, you risk damaging them. So we do not encourage shipping to a home. Some carriers charge more for residential address destinations.

The professional recommendation is to unpack your order on a large, flat surface. If you opted for the smallest package available, then your poster may arrive rolled within a tube. Since round tubes do not transport well on conveyer belts, triangular tubes are more common. You may need to place another flat board on top of them with heavy books to release the curl overnight.

To prevent the contents from absorbing triangle creases, posters are rolled into a tighter circumference. As protection against edge damage, heavy Kraft paper extends beyond the width of posters. Lightweight tubes may include extra cardboard for stability. There also options for flat-box shipping or framed posters to prevent curl.

Carrier Damage

Despite precautions, some posters arrive damaged. Someone might step on or drive over a box. Sometimes a carton at the bottom of a bin is unable to bear the weight of hundreds of other packages piled on top of it.

If you receive an order with crushed contents, send photos to ClinicalPosters immediately. We will file a carrier claim in your behalf and attempt to ship replacements as soon as possible.

Requesting a return label can be costly if you change your mind. Original and return shipping is deducted from your refund. If the product arrives damaged, you can incur and additional 50% restocking fee—which in some cases means, it will be discarded.

It is tempting to order the least expensive finishing and shipping options. For the most satisfaction with your products, consider how to preserve the beauty through transit and on your walls. If you are prone to handle papers roughly, consider ordering closeouts at a significant discount.

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