Remove Poster Curl During Delivery


Choose Flat-Box Delivery Option

I received cortisone injections at a hospital down the street from my favorite pizzeria. Afterwards, a nurse was monitoring effects of anesthesia and providing instructions to my caregiver. That’s when I interjected the unrelated question, “Can we order a pizza?” Perhaps I seemed glib from the medication but on the way home I did pickup the best pizza in the city.

ClinicalPosters delivers the best medical posters to doctors’ offices and uni­ver­sities. Ship­ping anatomy posters has things in common with pizza delivery. In other ways, there’s a divergence. Never toss posters is a difference. You don’t have to be a New Yorker to prefer your order of pizza or posters flat, not rolled. Pizzerias oblige by delivering in flat boxes, not tubes.

The larger a flat box gets, the more susceptible it is to disastrous bending. So there is a point of diminishing returns. Not just any flat box is appropriate. Special folds strengthen the carton to counteract bending—like the box for the world’s largest deliverable 54-inch pizza from Mama’s & Papa’s. Of course they do not deliver via common couriers like FedEx or the postal system.

See Gigantic Pizza

Big Mamas and Papas Gigantic Pizza
Californian restaurant had created the world’s largest deliverable pizza, with a prize of $1000 for anyone hungry enough to eat it all.

Obviously, ClinicalPosters does not roll framed anatomy posters. Your cherished DeuPair Frames arrive in pristine condition within flat boxes. While we cannot control what carriers do with packages once they leave our facility, we do have a measure of control over the protec­tion offered when frames and posters are packaged.

Some Like it Rolled

New Yorkers famously love large slices, which they may fold before devour­ing. They are not as fond of pre-folded pizza unless it’s a calzone. Turkish Pride, on the other hand is traditionally a folded-crust pizza boat.

We ship large poster quantities in reinforced flat boxes. For orders of a few posters, rolling and shipping in a tube can provide the best protec­tion. Reinforced trian­gular tubes are favored by carriers because they are compact and do not get unwieldy on conveyer systems. More importantly for recipients, they withstand sig­nifi­cant force to prevent crushing or bending. Since lamination effectively doubles poster thick­ness (and strengthens corners), the number of rolled posters that fit within a tube varies when you exceed five.

Judging Reverse Tuck and Poster Roll

The downside of rolled posters is that they arrive with a temporary curl. ClinicalPosters rolls them in a convex manner so they hug the wall until curls loosen. Most customers lay them out flat and cover them with books over­night before hanging. The more daring customers attempt the reverse tuck and roll, storing posters in a tube for a while. This may be rated 6 on a 10-scale of difficulty. There is the potential to grab too hard and bend the rolled edge.

Choose Your Toppings

What if you order a few posters and prefer no curl? In the past, some custo­mers have request­ed flat boxes in the checkout notes field. This leads to email communi­ca­tion delays. Flat boxes are more expen­sive than tubes. Most are either created by hand or custom modified to ideally fit contents. Bagged posters are taped down within the flat box to keep them dry and secure. For anti-crush volume, bubble wrap­ping or additional card­board is often added. This special handling requires extra labor for assembly.

Flat-Box Anatomy Poster Package
Flat-box delivery option.

The flat-box fee covers the cost of materials and labor for one package. You can also choose whether a signature is required. Additional options include signature confirmation, insurance and bank transfer fee. As you proceed through checkout, select USPS Priority Mail, UPS, DHL, or FedEx Ground shipping.

Though pizza tastes much better than posters, the latter have the potential to improve health out­comes. You may not be able to get pizza delivered to a recovery room. But the option of having posters delivered in flat boxes, like your favorite slice, is now tossed in the hands of customers like you.

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