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Otolaryngology Exam Room Anatomy Posters on a Budget

What Can You Get For $400 or $1300?

All of our otolaryngology products are conveniently grouped together. Unless you are looking for a specific title, the vast selection some­times stifles ordering in busy medical offices. To save time, this page suggests popular titles.


Laminated posters are up to 15 percent more vibrant and include surface protection from soiling that can occur during nor­mal handling or when someone coughs and sneezes in the direc­tion of the poster. Lamina­tion also includes UV filters to pre­serve colors longer. Properly installed DeuPair frames can be very cost effective.

ClinicalPosters encourages customized patient inter­action. This can be accom­plished by storing multiple anatomy posters within each DeuPair Frame. Then, based on the patient history, appro­priate titles can be slid to the front within seconds with­out removing frames from walls. More than decoration, this represents a versa­tile teaching and diagnos­tic environment.

Patient-Personalized ENT Exam Room Products

Get seven interchangeable framed anatomy posters for under $400
2 Standard DeuPair Pocket Frame Black 20x26" SLST1.00-Black20.2x26.2 PETG Anti-Glare Overlay
1 The Ear: Organs of Hearing and Balance Chart 20x26" A-102575-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 Middle Ear Conditions Chart 20x26" A-102963-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 Pharynx & Larynx Chart 20x26" A-102833-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 Head and Neck Chart 20x26" A-102525-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 Oversize DeuPair Pocket Frame Black 22x28" SLST1.00-Black-22.2X28.2 PETG Anti-Glare Overlay
1 Ear, Nose and Throat Chart 22x28" 1357P-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 Middle Ear Infections Chart 22x28" 2150P-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 Understanding Rhinitis Chart 22x28" 1353P-0 Hygienic Laminate
Add two anatomical models for under $900
1 Functional Larynx 2.5x Size Model 5.5x5.5x11" G20 1.5 pounds
1 Human Nose With Paranasal Sinuses 5-Part Model 10.2 x 7.5 x 9.4" E20 3 pounds

Prices are subject to change. But all 12 items listed may currently be purchased together for about $900. Only occupying the area of three frames, receive seven inter­change­able anatomy posters in two sizes. Share two anatom­ical models among multi­ple exam rooms and equip other offices for about $400 each.

You are by no means limited to these sugges­tions. Audi­olo­gists will likely subtract posters not speci­fical­ly related to the ear. Find these products and more within the Otolaryngology collection.

Compare 20x26 to 22x28 Sizes
Oversize framed posters center nicely with stan­dard framed posters. This layout occu­pies only 62 x 28 inches (1.6 x 0.7 meters) of wall space. Two types of overlays are avail­able for each frame. The most com­mon is the least expen­sive made from PETG—the same material as typical water bottles. It has a clear side and anti-glare side. The poly­carbo­nate overlay is 50 percent thicker and has the optical clarity of glass. It is the material from which quality eye­glasses are made.

DeuPair, DeuPair Flip Frame and DeuPair Pocket Frame are trade­marks of ClinicalPosters.

November 14, 2018 by ClinicalPosters Staff