Why You Need Laminated Posters

Why You Need Laminated Posters
A typical 100 mph sneeze can aerosolize 100,000 germs along with nasal irritants.

Does Anything More Need to Be Said?

Neil Kao, MD, an allergy and asthma specialist at the Allergic Disease and Asthma Center in Greenville, S.C. explains when something enters our nose or we encounter a trigger that sets off the “sneeze center” located in the lower brain stem, signals are rapidly sent to tightly close our throat, eyes, and mouth. Next, our chest muscles vigorously contract, and then our throat muscles quickly relax. As a result, air—along with saliva and mucus—is forced out of our mouth and nose. We sneeze. [1]

Facts About Sneezing

Blame it on the common cold, hay fever, influenza or lack of home training. Sick patients may cough and sneeze without always covering their mouths, particularly when left alone to change into an examination gown. A typical 100 mph sneeze can aerosolize 100,000 germs along with nasal irritants. [1,2]

There are increased opportunities during cold, flu, and allergy seasons. But those unsanitary droplets can coat unprotected anatomy posters at any time. In theory, unlaminated posters should be discarded with the exam table paper after each patient visit.

Protect Patients and Posters

Encapsulate paper posters with lamination and DeuPair™ Frames. This two-stage defense provides hygienic UV protection to extend anatomy poster life. It also makes it possible to feature different posters without removing the frame from the wall. And most importantly, it provides a surface that can be disinfected by wiping away germs. If the clear frame overlay becomes scratched or damaged, it can quickly and easily be replaced while the frame remains on the wall.

⚠️ In any environment where posters may be exposed to germs or viruses—especially during a pandemic—we recommend hygienic lamination.

Coastal communities near the equator frequently contend with humid conditions that propagate mold and mildew. In areas like Florida and Hawaii, medical office anatomy posters should especially be laminated whether they are framed or not.

Unlaminated anatomy posters should be discarded with exam-table paper.

So what do you do if you already have unprotected posters hanging within your examination rooms? Redeem yourself by ordering DeuPair Frames today.

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