Enjoy Your Journey With Us

Enjoy The Journey With Us

Customer service doesn’t end when you click the checkout button. We invite you on an interactive family excursion.

Health articles guide your mind through scholarly research, adding value beyond poster acquisition. Enlightening news articles like this one keep you on track to receive the most benefit from ClinicalPosters. Express your thoughts in product reviews and blog comments. Here are useful site features you may overlook.

  • Use Cart Harmony to manage orders from multiple devices
  • Visit customer account with order history and simplified reordering
  • Order editing prior to fulfillment
  • View GPS delivery tracking via SMS, email or online
  • Participate in verified product reviews
  • View specialty blogs
  • Non-poster products

Get Packing

While preparing for the journey, shopping may traverse multiple devices. In anonymous stealth mode, multiple shopping carts might as well have seat assignments in different box cars. Cart Harmony merges precious items from your desktop, tablet, and smartphone info into one harmonized shopping cart.

Login Cabin

Whether site enhancements are major or subtle, they are destined to make your trips here progressively more fluid and intuitive. Logging in to your customer account is like entering your cabin. Try it now. As a password-protected vault of addresses, it represents a safe place to keep passport destinations.

Within your personal “cabin,” order history represents souvenirs collected along the way. Some are so useful, that you may want to grab more after the train leaves the station. Now you can. Tap a “reorder” link next to each order placed. This populates the cart for further edits. (The engineer has access to orders to January 2018.)

Have you ever completed a transaction and then realized an inconsistency or need to add something else to the order? In your “cabin,” your order confirmation email, and on the status page (link provided for each order) you have an option of editing an order before fulfillment. The status page router is a journey of its own, including a map that reveals the location of your package during transit.

Special Dining Car

With your login, a pleasant revelation occurs within the “dining car” for repeat customers. Imagine discovering a menu filled with all your favorite dishes. Each entree includes dessert. This experience is replicated at ClinicalPosters. Posters and health blog articles are categorized or tagged respectively with your medical interest.

When you are finished dining, there’s a gift shop in one of the box cars. You will be delighted to discover useful items to wear, keep you fit, or share with others. Those you can’t take with you may be added to a wishlist.

All Aboard

As you can see, there are many reasons to become part of the ClinicalPosters family and return to this destination over and over again. Enjoy the journey.

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