A Shopping Cart That Follows Your Lead

A Shopping Cart That Follows Your Lead

To improve your experience while shopping for anatomy posters, we have implemented something we call Cart Harmony™.

That Seems Simple

Have you ever become distracted while adding items to an online shopping cart and later either couldn’t find your selections or perhaps even the site?

Just log in before adding anatomy posters and frames to your cart. Now, go ahead; get distracted before completing your purchase. Answer a phone call, send an email, or dash off to an appointment. That cart history is accessible when you later log in from your smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet. Items added from multiple devices are automatically harmonized when you log in.

If, because of a hectic schedule, you forget all about earlier shopping, a friendly email reminder is sent with a link. So you can finish where you left off.

Why It’s Necessary

The majority of online shoppers use mobile devices. Have you ever read an email that asks you to send a file but were interrupted by a text message? Then while replying to that, a phone call comes. These are some of the distractions that occur on one device. There are also physical distractions from other people in the room.

You invest time reading descriptions, comparing features, and adding valued purchases to a shopping cart despite all the distractions. It can be frustrating to return later and see it is empty. Each computing device has its browser that stores bits of identifying data. So if you start over on a different device, you could end up building parallel shopping lists.

No one wants to be restricted to a single device. Begin shopping on an office desktop computer. Later, complete the transaction in a hotel room on your smartphone. You might begin on a mobile device and pause and see if others would like to add some items. Back home or at the office, just complete your transaction. It is nice when complex-sounding tasks turn out to be simple. Wherever you log in, your cart is there.

Not Too Difficult

Registered visitors receive the benefits of Cart Harmony when they login. If you haven’t already done so, create a user profile with your contact info secured by your password. This allows you to log in using all your preferred devices. It also speeds checkout by populating your email and address fields for accurate shipping.

There you have it. Enjoy this simple solution to a complex problem. Let Cart Harmony follow you throughout your transaction. A solution so simple, you don’t have to think about it—unless you are not using it.

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