How To Gain Access To Health Blog

How do we keep serving great content to thousands of monthly ClinicalPosters visitors? For several years this site has been sponsored by the sale of human anatomy posters to medical professionals. Now almost half the visitors consuming content are patients and blog readers.

There is an interesting dichotomy. Doctors buying posters seldom have time or inclination to read blog articles. Patients who read the blog rarely purchase anatomy posters. Some visitors only want to shop, while others only wish to read. Hence, ClinicalPosters must realign itself to correspond with the audience trends.


  • Maintain reasonable anatomy poster prices
  • Offer products suitable for non-medical visitors
  • Continue to publish patient-centric health blog
  • Cover increasing cost for maintaining blog

Basically, give everyone what they want. A new line of products is being added for those not employed by medical profession. This eclectic assortment ranges from apparel to technology. Health blog readers can now shop for gifts or personal items.

We have two blogs on this site. There are no restrictions for reading the News blog. Those who wish to read full articles within the Health blog may do so for a nominal fee. Now is a good time to clarify various registered user privileges.

Types of Visitors

A registered user is someone who has used the register link at the top of the page to enter their contact info and add a password. He or she becomes a registered customer after making a purchase. A newsletter subscriber uses the link at the bottom of the page to receive access to email notifications. A Bit More Healthy blog subscribers may or may not be part any prior category; however, they  purchase a subscription to blog content.

Access Regis­tered Cust­o­mer Blog
Anatomy Posters + + + +
Closeout Posters + + + +
Read News Blog + + + +
News Comment + + + +
Health Comment + +
Short Health Blog ° +
Full Health Blog + +
Fast Checkout * * *
News­letter * * +
Wishlist * * *
Promo Code List * * *
Verified Reviews +
Specialty Discounts +
A Bit More Healthy Blog ° +

* Accessible with login. Registered customers can also pay to become A Bit More Healthy subscribers. Customers may opt out of email subscription.

° VIP customers (high-volume purchasers) receive full access to A Bit More Healthy blog when logged in. Short Health blog summaries displayed when not logged in.

Columns are not mutually exclusive. Customers can easily be a part of of the first three columns.

It is still possible to read the News blog and shop for human anatomy posters anonymously. You can even checkout with third-party payment methods like Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal without logging into ClinicalPosters. However, as more features to this site are added, registered customers will continue to receive more benefits.

Anatomy poster content supplements each Health blog article. If you buy one poster for every blog article, you could spend between $600 and $1000 per year. Some doctors won’t do this, let alone patients. You can now have access to all articles for just $29 per year.

A Bit More Healthy blog subscribers receive 1-year renewable access to complete blog articles plus many other benefits. Access VIP blog content today.

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