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February 19, 2018
by Kevin RR Williams

How do we keep serving great content to thousands of monthly ClinicalPosters visitors? For several years this site has been sponsored by the sale of human anatomy posters to medical professionals. Now almost half the visitors consuming content are patients and blog readers.

Types of Visitors

We have two blogs on this site. There are no restrictions for reading the News blog. Those who wish to read full articles within the Health blog may do so by signing up for our monthly newsletter. A newsletter subscriber uses the link at the bottom of a site page or selects the option during checkout to receive access to email notifications.

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* Accessible with login and free email subscription. Customers may opt out of email subscription.

You may read the News blog and shop for human anatomy posters anonymously. You can even checkout with third-party payment methods like Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal without logging into ClinicalPosters. However, as more features to this site are added, registered customers continue to receive more benefits.

Kevin Williams is a health advocate and writer of hundreds of articles for multiple websites, including: A Bit More Healthy, KevinMD, and Sue’s Nutrition Buzz.