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Once you try it, login will be your preferred option, not just ours.

Customer login is optional for shopping at ClinicalPosters. However, curated content requires login. This shopping method also allows customers to view order history and use our Wishlist feature.

Login Passwords

It is so easy to login to ClinicalPosters with your own site password to receive personalized benefits. Some visitors have an aversion to login fields. Keeping track of many passwords can be challenging. Some shoppers use password-managing apps like 1Password or mSecure. Though ill-advised, other shoppers repeat the same password for multiple sites. macOS and iOS devices can create randomized strong passwords, the save them on a virtual Keychain. Wired offers tips for creating passwords in the video entitled: Worried About Your Weak Passwords? Here's How to Fix Them.

Several security experts say people should use an alphanumeric passcode that's at least seven characters long and uses numbers, letters, and symbols.

"People should use an alphanumeric passcode that isn't susceptible to a dictionary attack and that is at least 7 characters long and has a mix of at least uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers," Ryan Duff, a researcher who's studied iOS and the Director of Cyber Solutions for Point3 Security, told me in an online chat. "Adding symbols is recommended and the more complicated and longer the passcode, the better."

If you do not wish to create a new password and your Amazon account email matches prior orders or you have no prior purchases, login to ClinicalPosters with your Amazon account with one click. Your email address associated with the selected social media account will be connected to ClinicalPosters. If this differs from your company email, prior sales history may not be visible.

Simply Login and Enjoy Benefits

Auto-Address Verification

When logged in, you can view/create multiple addresses for billing or shipping. Sometimes alternate addresses populate during checkout as a result of typing variations of the same address. You might enter "S Main St" once and "South Main Street" later. Your customer account page allows you to manage addresses for consistency and to minimize shipping delays.

Automatic Address Completion

Undeliverable addresses require extra office administration to edit orders, update customer records and reship packages. Just telling people to visually verify address information during checkout is not enough.

ClinicalPosters has integrated the power of Google dynamic international address verification into the checkout. Addresses for prior customers auto populate. Postal address abbreviations may differ from the way most people formatthem. Postal addresses auto-complete with suggestions during checkout within a drop-down menu. This feature and the social media login each reduce keystrokes, leading to a faster and more efficient shopping experience.

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