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New ventures are always exciting. With considerable effort, the hope is that they are rewarding. The newest venture is an adventure in mystery and imagination.

ClinicalPosters is happy to present short stories in a miniseries format for your entertainment. Each chapter is called an episode. Read them in succession to progressively reveal clues leading to a surprise outcome.

Do the stories have clinical or medical themes? Some more than others, yes. But their fictional nature allows creativity to flourish. This creative writing does not replace the long-running A Bit More Healthy series of health articles (now called ClinicalReads Health). The short novels (Latin: novellas), provide a mental diversion of entertainment for every individual.

The first 11-episode novella takes you on a faraway Organ Island mystery. Following this is a 3-episode quirky Invent Crime mystery. Next up is a fictional 5-episode drama called Escape Death inspired by current events. We transport you further into the 21st century with the 8-episode Sickless Future mystery. A 10-episode drama with a cast of children welcomes you to Chambers Kids. Additional stories follow, as listed on the schedule.

Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Murdock Mysteries, Bulldog Drummond, and classic film noirs, you see a variety of themes. So bring out your sleuth magnifying glass as you prepare for multiple adventures. Tune in each Wednesday and Sunday and share your thoughts about this new venture in creative writing.

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