Folded, Flat or Rolled Posters

Albums and turntable

ClinicalPosters delivers anatomy posters with the best packing in the industry. To save shipping costs, would you prefer them folded like the posters you got within your favorite vinyl album cover?

Some people remember reading album covers while listening to vinyl records. A bonus was the occasional inclusion of a paper poster. Sure, there were creases but it prominently portrayed your favorite R&B, ballad, soul, funk, or rock musicians. So the poster was proudly displayed on a bedroom or dorm-room wall for onlookers to admire.

Folded Flat

You may be a medical student or patient who wants the information on an anatomy poster, regardless of folds—like the days of vinyl records. We hear you. ClinicalPosters offers to ship folded posters within a First Class mail envelope during checkout. There are some restrictions. Currently, this is only available for one 20x26-inch paper poster. If require­ments are not met, the option is not visible.

The back of each unlaminated paper poster is scored in quarters (10x13 inch). Posters are creased to fold up within an 11x14-inch envelope. This is the cheapest shipping option available but lacks protection from other methods. The poster is subject to possible uninsured carrier damage. Stating the obvious, it arrives folded. Package tracking is not available, though some recipients may qualify for USPS Informed Delivery. Folded posters are non-refundable.

Rolled Into Tube

Some concerts sell souvenir posters signed by performing artists. They can be rolled up to take home and hang without folds! ClinicalPosters delivers pristine anatomy posters for medical offices by carefully rolling up less than eight posters within crush-resistant triangle tubes. Dimensions require trackable USPS Priority Mail, USPS Parcel Select Ground or FedEx shipping options. Note that Parcel Select Ground includes tracking but containers are generally handled more roughly during transit.

Posters rolled within tube

Flat Box

For the best protection with minimal hassle, a flat-box option is offered on product pages. This might be compared to museum-quality packaging. Your posters arrive bagged, boxed, padded, unrolled, and unfolded to protect against transit damage via FedEx, UPS or USPS Priority Mail. It is a great investment during bad weather conditions.

Given all available options, how would you love to receive your posters: folded, rolled or flat? Let your value of the fragile contents guide your shipping selections.

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