Flat Box or Signature Fee


Prevent curl: Assure that your posters are packed flat when ordering less than 10 posters. Typical USPS and FedEx delivery includes $100 insurance. FedEx includes signature confirma­tion. Carriers assign fees to delivery services that you may prefer.

There are no fees for electronic ACH electronic payments within the United States but banks charge a fee for international wire transfers.


Carriers charge the greater of calculated dimensional weight or actual weight. A flat box is dimensionally larger than a tube and costs more to manufacture.

The flat box fee does not include shipping. It covers extra packaging so your posters arrive without curl. One box can hold up to about 30 posters.

Less than nine posters are usually rolled and shipped within rein­forced tubes. The number of posters that may be rolled depends on tube diameter, original poster thick­ness, and whether lamina­tion is applied, maxing out at 6 to 9.

Rolling posters results in temporary paper curl. Placed on a clean, flat surface covered with weighted objects like books over­night to loosen curl. Our convex roll allows them to hug walls or fill frames until the curl dissipates.