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Free Shipping Options

Due to fluctuating courier prices, these offers have been depreciated and may not be available during checkout.

Who Doesn’t Want it?

It is the number-one requested feature. Does it matter that good packing materials are expensive? You don’t want to hear that carriers charge rates based on zones, package dimensions, and weight. Who cares that carefully packing multiple frames can take 30 minutes or more? Although posters cannot fit in a small envelope without folding. Despite, despite, despite all the excuses… you want free shipping.

To all the international customers, we empathize with you. It is difficult to reconcile shipping a single poster for three to six times the price of the purchase. There is nowhere to hide a $60 shipping fee when you are only spending $20. A few customers who need a poster pay for the dispro­por­tionate rate or order more posters to reduce the per-unit shipping price.

Shipper rates increase every year. Yet, this year ClinicalPosters managed to lower FedEx rates and maintain relatively economical USPS prices based on volume. UPS and DHL options are available for comparison. You now see nominal First Class USA shipping with tracking for small-package jewelry. But your chant is getting louder: “How do I get free poster shipping?”

ClinicalPosters ships products internationally.

Pandemic Precautions and Considerations

😷 We are exercising extra sanitation during the preparation of orders and wearing nitrile gloves. Flat boxes have double barriers, with posters and frames sealed within plastic. There may be some delays in replenishing out-of-stock items since some vendors are not working at full capacity.

North America Freedoms

Sales orders over $99 that are delivered within the contiguous United States may receive a shipping discount. Products must fit in one box weighing under 30 pounds. For a while it was free, but with rising transportation costs, it is now $19—saving as much as $30. If your order meets the criteria, you will see a $19 ground shipping option during checkout. If not, it won’t. No promo codes or rebate forms are required.

Ground shipping is available to Canadian destinations. Discount international rates apply. Absorbing some of the cost, ClinicalPosters is offering FedEx Ground International shipping throughout Canada for $29—with restrictions. Poster sizes vary. The 10-pound weight limit here will get you about 40 laminated posters or two posters inside two DeuPair Flip Frames. If your order meets the criteria, you will see a $29 ground shipping option during checkout. If not, consider a 1-year subscription to free shipping.

Summary of Shipping Options

🇺🇸 United States destination:
  • Shipping is $19 for a single package weighing up to 30 pounds with a $99 minimum purchase, excluding models. (Unavailable in AK, HI, PR.)
  • Free USA shipping for up to 60 pounds with $50 minimum purchase as an annual ClinicalPosters Plus subscriber.
  • USPS Media Mail to specific NPOs (verifiable during checkout) for charts up to 5 pounds $5 or up to 10 pounds $10.
  • First Class USA with tracking for small-package ClinicalPins $3.99+.
  • Trackable First Class for masks and PPE $5.
  • Single First Class USA folded poster $3.50.
🇨🇦 Canada destination:
  • Ground shipping for single package weighing up to 4.5 kg with $59 USD minimum purchase of $29 USD, excluding models.
  • Free Canadian shipping for up to 4.5 kg with $50 USD minimum purchase as annual ClinicalPosters Plus subscription.
  • International First Class shipping of small-package ClinicalPins for $12 USD.
  • First Class shipping is trackable and insured.
  • Any applicable tariffs are billed directly by carrier.
🇬🇧 International destination:
  • Lower rates for international shipping of packages weighing over 4.5 kg.
  • International First Class shipping of small-package ClinicalPins for $12 USD.
  • First Class shipping is trackable and insured.
  • Any applicable tariffs are billed directly by carrier.

Discounted shipping offers are subject to change at any time. Multi-package deliveries are not included in discount shipping options. Though ClinicalPosters ships products inter­na­tionally, shipping rates will not satisfy all customers. Often, some­one wants a single poster shipped inter­na­tionally. In this instance, the mini­mums may be too high. While some are looking to pay nothing for shipping, others are willing to pay extra for the best curl-free flat-box packing.

🇸🇾 Embargoed and sanctioned countries:

Orders placed from sanctioned countries are automatically flagged by the fulfill­ment program and are subject to cancellation. ClinicalPosters and other U.S. companies are unable to ship certain products to the following destinations:

🚫 Belarus
🚫 Cuba
🚫 Eritrea
🚫 Iran
🚫 North Korea
🚫 Russia (targeted)
🚫 Syria
🚫 Venezuela

As a result of Great Britain and the European Union requiring the global collection of VAT Tax, ClinicalPosters is not currently shipping to these regions.

Why Pay Tariffs

Tariffs are surcharges (taxes) to restrict the import of hazardous materials or discourage international trade. Sometimes they are more politically motivated than commerce driven.

Some shippers try to lower tariffs by declaring a lower content value or declaring them as samples. This reduces the value of any carrier damage or loss claims. Imagine an item that costs $50 is sold for $100 and shipping adds $25. You are assuming great risk at declaring a value of $0 or even $50. ClinicalPosters insures the contents value since carriers can sometimes be a little careless.

Somebody Pays For Shipping

⚠️ ClinicalPosters is assessed a fee for each carrier delivery attempt. If a package is returned because no one is available to accept it at the provided address, the customer will incur initial shipping and redelivery fees.

Why is it so difficult to provide up-front shipping costs for everyone? Each carrier raises rates annually and has its algorithm for calculating rates based on area zones and dimensional weight. There are also surcharges for things like signatures, residential delivery, rural distance, and delivery reattempts for incomplete addresses.

Fortunately, carrier dynamic rates (except for interna­tional tariffs, signature options, and delivery reattempts) are inte­grated into checkout. So based on the weight and destina­tion, you are presented with compara­tive shipping fees from multiple carriers right in the shopping cart. Be aware that ClinicalPosters is not responsible for shipping delays due to the inability of carriers to access addresses and local or national crises.

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