Pay Your Way

Pay Your Way

Acceptance of multiple payment options eliminates checkout frustration.

Medical accounting departments may not use credit cards at all. Some places do not accept American Express. Others will not let you use your PayPal account. Apple Pay is becoming popular among online retailers. Google Pay is on Android devices. Shop Pay (Formerly Shopify Pay) is the default payment method here.

Here is great news for you. All the mentioned payment methods and more are accepted at ClinicalPosters—about 10 options. You might have a corporate AMEX but use PayPal for personal transactions. Choosing your preferred payment method allows you to easily manage funds within each account.

Whether you are a registered frequent shopper or just passing through in stealth mode, you can share as much or as little information as you like. With today’s iOS devices, opt to pay with your fingerprint or glance.*

This site allows users to independently select a language translation. International customers love it. USD is the default checkout currency. So the total displayed in Canadian dollars within the shopping cart looked different converted to US dollars during checkout. To eliminate confusion, we are happy to add more currencies throughout the entire transaction.

Hospitals Pay Your Way

Pay your way

Here is good news for hospitals and other institutions unable to use credit cards. Checkout includes an option to make traditional electronic bank transfers for payments of at least $150. This allows accounting depart­ments to create an in-house purchase order and complete payment on the same day.

A novel option to pay your way is with ClinicalPosters Corporate Gift Cards. Purchasing departments can assign a fixed amount to specific personnel who may then select required products. Gift cards are easier to use than credit cards and limit purchases to the ClinicalPosters website so accounting is easy. Best of all, there is not physical card to lose. Receive the virtual card via email and pay with a QR code, authorization number, or use Apple Pay Wallet.

Hit the Pay button, tap your finger and you’re done. Your payment is on its way, and so is your merchandise. Shop for framed anatomy posters your way, right away.

*Third-party payment options that bypass customer login may omit discount code entry field.

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