Become The Smartest Health Shopper

Become The Smartest Health Shopper

With FAQ on product pages you have all the answers.

You are likely within one of two camps when it comes to online shopping. Either you love it or you hate it. Fewer people in the middle are indifferent. What contributes to a great shopping experience? Desirable products, accessible information, and intuitive checkout are paramount. In some industries, product reviews increase confidence. Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) or online chats are viable incentives.

We Have Answers

ClinicalPosters provides the industry’s best packing of quality products for most medical specialties. DeuPair Frames save wall space, prevent poster curling, and do not skew. With unparalleled protective packaging, your products arrive safely.

Customer service continuity must be built around documented policies and procedures. This includes terms of service, privacy guidelines, and a robust FAQ. Additionally, customer service agents must be familiar with the products or services. The next step is to make assistance easily accessible.

ClinicalPosters has a topical FAQ page. Navigating there while trying to decide on a product can be distracting. So you can expand further details within tabs on product pages. How can we be more helpful? A contact form is useful for detailed responses via email.

Finding Nemo

It is not always your fault. Updating a website leads to new URL formatting and broken links. You click an old link and wind up on a 404 Not Found page. To take some of the frustration out of this, the ClinicalPosters 404 Not Found page includes links to popular product categories and a search field. Here’s the smart part: Hidden filters within the search field help locate relevant results. So if the article is available, your revised search may locate it. ClinicalPosters uses 301 page redirects to update links.

Ready to Chat

Apple Business Chat is a joint app development product between Apple and Shopify to make your data secure. It works with iPhones, iPads and Macs. ClinicalPosters does not initiate any contact between visitors on this platform. Neither your phone number nor identity are visible. Customer service sees a message with a generic identifier. During the chat session, you may reveal personal contact information if appropriate—for example, to lookup order history or prepare a pro forma invoice.

Become The Smartest Shopper
Apple Business Chat with ClinicalPosters using your iOS or MacOS device

Clicking the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of the page initiates a chat. Chatbot technology makes round-the-clock support available. Find out about product availability, order status, and more. If a chatbot gets in over its head, the conversation may be seamlessly forwarded to a human operator.

Draft orders can be sent to you for Apple Pay disbursement within the Messages app. A common question we are happy to answer is: What is the shipping rate for a particular order? Carrier rates based on weight and destination are integrated into the store and calculated during checkout.

With detailed descriptions, quality images, and tabbed details on product pages, we deliver outstanding products with unparalleled service. Not to be overlooked is our site-wide search bar that indexes numerous health and news articles. With all these benefits, enjoy your shopping experience at ClinicalPosters. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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