Looking For Sponsors

Looking For Sponsors

Marketing Opportunities

You can reach more health-conscious people. An outstanding feature of the ClinicalPosters website is the grouping of products and articles into medical specialties. There is one for each of the most popular medical interests like cardiology, dermatology, or otolaryngology. When creating an account, a range of new category additions also accommo­date visitors outside of the medical industry.

Recent Account Categories
  • Attorney
  • Chiropractor
  • Cosmetology
  • Education
  • Fitness
  • Fulfillment
  • Individual
  • Internist
  • Marketing
  • Manufactur­ing
  • Motion pictures
  • Photography
  • Rehabilita­tion
  • Woman
  • Writing

There is a special category called Clinical Science that features custom scientific posters for medical conferences.

An individual can be a patient or health-conscious person. Previously, a woman had to choose between “individual” or “ob-gyn.” The new category for women includes more appropriate articles and products. For attorney, motion pictures and photography, licensing options are easy to access. Education gains quick access to pediatric content.

Internist includes a general range of anatomy products and health articles for hospitalists and family physicians. Marketing highlights advertising opportunities. Gerontology is now rehabilita­tion. These new categories bring the total number of possible site custom­iza­tions to over two dozen. Log in to see how this site transforms. If your assigned interest category is invalid, use the contact form to request a change.

ClinicalPosters is publishing A Bit More Healthy articles every week for health-conscious visitors. The queue of upcoming well-researched health articles extends months into the future. This attracts requests from companies who wish to add supporting links to articles.

Advertisers can either enhance or detract from the visitor experience. ClinicalPosters has extensive backg­round in product claims substan­tia­tion. To maintain the professional standard that readers expect, external links or guest posts require effort to verify.

When paired with the right article, some outside contributions provide value to readers. Whether you have an ad agency, or marketing department or not, ClinicalPosters is happy to offer the following collection of advertis­ing and marketing oppor­tunities.

Queue Up For Advertising

Sponsored Articles – Companies can sponsor existing articles written by ClinicalPosters that embrace their objectives.

Advertorials – Think of these like sponsored documentaries. Objectively informative articles include an external link to the sponsor’s complementary product or service.

Guest Articles – No-cost fresh, non-commercial content from guest authors is welcome. Themes should match our main medical cate­gories. Text will be free of grammati­cal and typo­graphical errors. The effort to format and fact-check must not exceed the time it takes to write an in-house article. Articles, distinguished from advertorials, should be 1000–2000 words with no more than five non-commercial external links.

Banner Ads – A maximum of two banner ads can appear on articles matching designated keyword tags.

These promotional opportunities help fund the develo­pment of more great articles and products for tens of thousands of monthly readers and customers of health-conscious content. To learn more about market­ing or adver­tis­ing oppor­tunities, create an account, selecting “Marketing” or “Writing” as your interest. Relevant options then become readily acces­sible. For quick access, click marketing or writing within the footer.

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