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You have your own personal style. You have preferences, likes and dislikes. We get that. So why should you be squeezed into a generic mold? ClinicalPosters has been refining the visitor experi­ence as well as patient examina­tion rooms. Let’s first talk about how this website is prepared just for you.

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The ClinicalPosters website personalizes content when you login (or register). The following pages will match your preferred medical interest:

  • Customer account page
  • Home page
  • Product collection pages
  • ClinicalReads Health page
  • Article schedule

Not only are articles with your interest featured, when the option is enabled, you become part of the stories. And now, “woman” is a recog­nized interest for filtering products and articles. Addi­tion­ally, related articles appear at the bottom of articles (and sometimes on product pages, when enabled).

This provides faster access to desired research. With diverse topics added each week, the more articles we publish, the smarter article recom­menda­tions become. So if this site lacks anatomy posters that precisely match your medical interest, you may quickly locate the desired informa­tion within health articles. Password protect your account and sub­scribe to A Bit More Healthy newsletter for this customization.

Another thing that makes A Bit More Healthy articles so unique is that they appeal to two audiences—both patients and medical profes­sionals. This allows those administer­ing care to under­stand the challenges of patients experienc­ing different condi­tions and visa versa. (No personal health data such as medical visits, medi­ca­tions, or lab results are stored.)

Save time when you checkout. Choose from stored shipping and billing addresses and view order history. Let us know if you would like to receive an account activa­tion invita­tion.

Personal Exam Rooms For Patients

You are in the right place for personalized patent exam room visits. Anatomy posters within DeuPair Pocket Frames can be switched out in a matter of seconds. Sure, this saves precious wall space. More importantly, content appro­priate for specific patients is avail­able before they enter the room or even during examinations.

The frame that changed how exam rooms are decorated can change posters right before your eyes.

An exam room discussion about lower back problems is not obscured with a whiplash and head injuries poster. Breast cancer stages do not overshadow gynecological disorders.

ClinicalPosters delivers person­alized exam room experiences through frames with flexible content that you (or nurses) can switch out in seconds. See what else ClinicalPosters can customize for you today.

DeuPair, DeuPair Flip Frame and DeuPair Pocket Frame are trademarks of ClinicalPosters.

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