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It doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong. Your browsing prefe­rences and shopping history should be both acces­si­ble to you and secure. We feel the same way about our online privacy. That’s why ClinicalPosters allows visitors to login.

Creating an account does not require purchasing anything. At bare minimum, you provide an email address and login-password. Your name and preferred medical specialty/interest is recommended for optimum site configuration.

Popular shopping sites and social media plat­forms make login manda­tory. Currently, ClinicalPosters login is optional so a wider variety of users have access too much of the content. Some images are obscured and pages suppressed for unregis­tered users. Some pages also require news­letter subscrip­tion. So if you are registered but unsubscribe from the newsletter, 60 percent of the Health blog articles truncate.

As a registered subscriber, you receive a curated home page and blog list when you login. Easily navi­gate from your account page or quick-link banners. Special offers are periodi­cally emailed to you. So while others are on the out­side looking in, you enjoy a private selection of products and articles curated to match your interests. Access online privacy details within the footer on most pages on this website.

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