Gastroenterology Exam-Room Design Budget

What Can You Get For $400 or $800?

Find our gastroenterology products grouped together in one collection. Some titles with outdated information have been discontinued. This page suggests popular titles as a starting point. Print the page out, adjust quantities, get payment approved and place your order today.


Laminated posters are up to 15 percent more vibrant with inherent sur­face pro­tec­tion from soiling that can occur during nor­mal handling or when someone coughs and sneezes in the direc­tion of the poster. Hygienic lamina­tion also includes UV filters to pre­serve colors longer. Properly installed DeuPair frames can also be very cost effective.

ClinicalPosters encourages customized patient inter­action. This can be accom­plished by storing multiple anatomy posters within each DeuPair Frame. Then, based on the patient history, appro­priate titles can be slid to the front within seconds with­out removing frames from walls. More than decoration, this represents a versa­tile teaching and diagnos­tic environment.

Patient-Personalized Gastroenterology Exam Room Products

Hang seven interchangeable framed anatomy posters for under $400
2 Standard DeuPair Pocket Frame Black 20x26" SLST1.00-Black20.2x26.2 PETG Anti-Glare Overlay
1 The Digestive System Chart 20x26" A-102571-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 Diseases of The Digestive System Chart 20x26" A-103669-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 Understanding Ulcers Chart 20x26" A-102853-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 Understanding Colorectal Cancer Chart 20x26" A-102622-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 Oversize DeuPair Pocket Frame Black 22x28" SLST1.00-Black-22.2X28.2 PETG Anti-Glare Overlay
1 Diseases of the Digestive System Chart 22x28" 1552P-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 The Liver Chart 22x28" 1900P-0 Hygienic Laminate
1 Understanding IBS Chart 22x28" 1551P-0 Hygienic Laminate
Add anatomical model and pocket guide for under $400
1 Kidneys With Rear Organs of Upper Abdomen Model 9.4x7.1x11.4" K22/3 1.5 pounds
1 The Digestive System Pocket Guide 4x9" A-102872 0.3 pounds

With prices subject to change, all 12 items listed may currently be purchased together for about $800. Only occupying the area of three frames, receive seven inter­change­able anatomy posters in two sizes. Share the anatom­ical model among multi­ple exam rooms and equip other offices for about $400 each.

You are by no means limited to provided sugges­tions. Find these products with others in the Gastroenterology collection.

Compare 20x26 to 22x28 Sizes
Oversize framed posters center nicely between stan­dard framed posters. This layout occu­pies only 62 x 28 inches (1.6 x 0.7 meters) of wall space. Two types of overlays are avail­able for each frame. The most com­mon is the least expen­sive made from PETG—the same material as typical water bottles. It has a clear side and anti-glare side. The poly­carbo­nate overlay is 50 percent thicker and has the optical clarity of glass. It is the material from which quality eye­glasses are made.

DeuPair, DeuPair Flip Frame and DeuPair Pocket Frame are trade­marks of ClinicalPosters.

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