The Digestive System Pocket Guide (2E) 4x9


Anatomy and Disorders of The Digestive System Sudy Guide is a 4" x 9" quick-reference accordion-fold two-sided brochure that describes the following. (©2007)

  • Disorders including: ulcers, gastritis, gallstones, GERD, hernia, hepatitis, IBS, IBD, hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, appendicitis, and cancers
  • Oral cavity, liver, pancreas, and duodenum
  • Arterial supply
  • Cross-section of esophagus, wall of stomach, jejunum, and colon


  • Durable gloss laminate
  • 12 panels of compact information
  • Unfolds to 24" x 9" (61 x 22.9 cm)