Your Medical Specialty Has Value

Your Medical Specialty Has Value
You might be visiting for a one-time purchase. You are not looking for logins, or loyalty points, and do not want to register for newsletters. Just get in and out as quickly as possible. Your patronage is important and appreciated.

Perhaps You Deserve Incentives

We are excited to offer a special way to reward the many individuals, doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators around the world who have made ClinicalPosters their home. They love the end-to-end shopping and shipping experience for anatomy posters and frames. What began as an experiment for these professionals in one exam room has grown into a decor standard for multiple offices. By now you realize this adventurous group may include you.

What’s Your Specialty?

A foot specialist doesn’t treat hands. A rheumatologist refers patients with pulmonary issues. This is why our products are grouped into medical specialties. Anatomy posters that traverse multiple specialties appear in more than one category. For example, while all cancer anatomy posters show up within Oncology, specific titles also appear in respective categories of Dermatology, Pulmonology, or Gastroenterology.

To register an account, create a password to preserve access to your contact information and order history. Either you or we assign a medical interest to your account based on order history. Your customer account page can instantly take you to curated content matching your medical interests.

Some medical practices encompass several disciplines. An internist might shop for Understanding Type 2 Diabetes posters from the Endocrinology category. Then add The Digestive System from within the Gastroenterology category. We usually assign customers one of the two specialties.

Why am I directed to orthopedic pages? One of the largest product categories is entitled Orthopedics. Don’t let the name fool you. The collection includes all musculoskeletal posters. Orthopedics is the category for orthopedic surgeons and osteopaths.

What if there is no category for my medical specialty? One of three things will be done: 1) Select posters from multiple categories. 2) Specialty remains blank until you specify one.

What if my assigned specialty does not represent the category of future purchases? If a doctor with a complementary specialty joins your practice, he can register a different account with the appropriate specialty for future purchases.

While each account can have multiple addresses, a unique email is required. A different phone number can be assigned to each address but a new account is not possible with a previously registered primary phone number.

Diverse Category Discounts

Tiered discounts that span multiple categories can be assigned to large medical institutions purchasing in volume. Tiered discounts increase when an order exceeds $1000 or $2000 respectively. Companies must meet the following criteria:

  1. Hospital, educational institution, medical group or device manufacturer
  2. Online purchases, not over the phone
  3. Orders totaling a thousand dollars or more during the past 360 days
  4. Minimum cart purchase of 10 items
Specialty discount program ends December 31, 2018.

Medical specialties allow the ClinicalPosters website to highlight products and articles of interest to registered visitors. If you do not already have an account, create one today.

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