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How to Save a Big Pin

How to Save a Big Pin

The size of Pinterest images depends on how you save them.

Pinterest Popularity

With over 200 million users, Pinterest is one of the world’s largest visual bookmarking social media platforms. Nearly a quarter of a million visitors engage with ClinicalPosters pins each month reaching 3 million visitors through dispersion.

Pick The Right Button

Many browsers have a plugin to simplify the process of including categorized images on your Pinterest boards. This plugin adds a button at the top of desktop browsers and, by default, includes red hover buttons over images. (Hovering can be disabled within preferences.)

Saving image bookmarks on mobile devices is accessible through a menu whose location may vary depending on the browser and operating system. Sites like ClinicalPosters include a separate red/white Pinterest button that says “Pin it” or “Pinterest Save.”

Install the Pinterest plugin and use the Pinterest Browser Button next to the URL field.

The variety of pinning methods makes participation easy. However, the size of an image can vary according to the method it was pinned. A website designer might scale a large image to fit a layout. There could be a wide main photo and others on the page better suited for the vertical Pinterest format. A vertical image that easily fills the maximum 564-pixel Pinterest width (formerly 736px), can have code added to appear half its size on the page.

How to Save a Big Pin

When you use the Pinterest hover button on desktop computers, dimensions are determined by the size annotated within the HTML code. If you use a specialized site Pinterest Save button, the default page image is usually selected for you.

After pressing the preferred browser button, a gallery of images on the page is presented. Hovering a mouse cursor over them displays respective dimensions. So for maximum images on your Pinterest boards and the best selection, install the Pinterest plugin and use the Pinterest Browser Button next to the URL field.

There are various size images on this page. If you have a Pinterest account, pin the one that is best suited for the platform. Tip: Vertical image is 564 pixels wide so it should fill the entire width of a Pinterest page if the correct button is used.

Pinterest Rich Pins

Bookmarking web pages has the implied intent to return there. The location may have admired art, a recipe, or something you would like to purchase. Pinterest developed Rich Pins to provide more information about the properly formatted bookmarks. Some recipes list ingredients without visiting the web page. Pins for online stores can display regularly updated price and availability information.

Buyable Pins have been replaced with Look Pins. Access our Pins within the Pinterest board below.

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