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On a daily basis, a team of programmers arm wrestles with robots and miscreants behind the scenes. This is true of most popular websites. Despite industry-leading precautions, some individuals lacking honorable intent persist. About the web traffic is comprised of robots and hackers. One of our most effective tools to thwart them is the login system. Simple to use, it divides content for the public from the professional users. We want you to be in the good group.

What is An Account?

Whether you regularly read valuable health articles or purchase products from our online store, an account provides a wealth of site enhancements. Various interpretations of the word account can make it seem intimidating. By “account” here we refer to a portal where preferences and purchase history (if available) are secure. Let’s clear up some more questions about having an account:

  • You do not need to buy anything to create an account.
  • Passwords are encrypted.
  • Preserving credit card information between purchases is optional.
  • Passwords nor card data are visible to or legible by human eyes.
  • The entire site, not just the store, uses HTTPS.

Advantages of HTTPS is HTTPS compliant. This keeps your information safe from hackers by scrambling messages sent between computers. There is a slight performance hit with HTTPS versus HTTP, as computers exchange encryption. Fortunately, modern computers have sufficient power.

The ClinicalPosters site is now optimized for speed. According to GTmetrix benchmarks, the home page load time has reduced from 4.9 to 2 seconds (Chrome desktop browser in Vancouver, Canada).

GTmetrix Performance Report

Actual time depends upon many variables, including page content, browser, access location, WiFi connection and computer processor. The recommendations are meant to be generic, best practices; some things are out of our control (eg. external resources).

GTmetrix score 91
Current Prestige theme GTmetrix PageSpeed Score 91% with 3.8 second load time.

GTmetrix score 91
Revised Symmetry theme GTmetrix PageSpeed Score 91% with 2 second load time.

GTmetrix score 80
Prior Symmetry theme GTmetrix PageSpeed Score 80% with 4.9 second load time.

Advantages of An Account

At minimum, your email and a site password are required. To unlock more features we recommend including, your name, a preferred interest or medical specialty and newsletter subscription. The fun part of having an account is easy access to relevant content.

  • Product collections and blog articles are filtered for your interest.
  • Some articles even draw you into the discussion using your name within the body of the text.
  • If you should decide to make a purchase, you can easily select from your stored delivery addresses.
  • Later, view history and click a button to reorder.

While browsing the site, you will see some content that is only available with login. Full access to health articles also opens up a wealth of supporting external references. We do not want to wrestle with you. Embrace the added level of protection provided when you login. Join a close-knit family of registered users. Create an account or login today.

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