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Pre-qualification is simple: (1) Do you live in the United States? (2) Do you want to order ClinicalPosters pro­ducts all year long with free stan­dard shipping?

Answer “Yes” to these questions and you should already be checking out to enjoy ClinicalPosters Plus, blog access, and free shipping through­out the United States on nearly every­thing you place in your cart for a full year when you spend at least $50 per order!


United States ClinicalPosters Plus
Free Shipping $50 mini­mum checkout †
Return Shipping Non-custom, undamaged products
Max weight 70 pounds
Health Blog Full access with login as subscriber with account

† North America delivery addresses receive most economical USPS Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx Ground shipping to account address. Each order must fit within a single box weighing no more than 70 pounds. Excludes freight, cargo and express delivery.