Wear Medical and Anatomical Lapel Pins

Introducing Anatomical Jewelry

In addition to hanging human anatomy on a wall, you can now wear anatomy on your lapel and around your neck or wrist. A growing collection of lapel pins and charms conveying your medi­cal disci­pline or passion is available.

Have All The Charm

Get charms depicting medi­cal cadu­ceus with most medical special­ties as symbols or ini­tials like RN, NP, LVN or EMT. Wrist brace­lets and neck chains for your charms, are also available. The middle of last year, we began offering a few specialty charms that were fulfilled by other companies with long lead times. Onsite inventory allows faster fulfillment. The growing inventory now includes more than 100 styles of pins and charms.

Dressing Sharp

Wear anatomical lapel pins on scrubs, suits or neck­ties. Choose from metal or color­fully enameled pins. Pick the one that best repre­sents your medical interest or profes­sion. Wear multiple pins or feature a different one for each day.

Medical Specialty Anatomical Jewelry Collection
# Specialty Lapel Pin Charm
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Scrubs Stethoscope CNA
Chemist; Pharmacist; Biologist Flask Microscope Rx Atom DNA
Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN (BSN) Microscope Stethoscope BSN
Cardiologist Heart Heart Heart Heart  Heart
Cosmetologist (CL) Scissors Scissors Atom
Dental Assistant (DA) Tooth Syringe
Dental Hygienist (DH) Scrubs Syringe DH
Doctor of Audiology Audiologist (AuD) Inner Ear Caduceus
Doctor of Chiropractic Chiropractor (DC) Spine Caduceus Caduceus
Doctor of Dental Surgery Oral Surgeon (DDS) Tooth Scalpel Inject Caduceus Tooth
Doctor of Medical Dentistry Dentist (DMD) Tooth Inject Caduceus Tooth
Doctor of Medicine (MD) Stethoscope Caduceus Caduceus Caduceus
Doctor of Optometry Optometrist (DO or OD) Eye Eyeglasses Caduceus Caduceus
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Osteopath (DO or OD) Spine Torso Caduceus Caduceus
Doctor of Physical Therapy Physical Therapist (DPT) Spine Caduceus Atom
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Podiatrist (DPM) Caduceus Caduceus Feet
Doctor of Science in Nursing (DSN) Microscope Flask Stethoscope Caduceus Nurse
Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy Physiatrist (DScPT) Spine Caduceus Caduceus
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Veterinarian (DVM) Cats Cats Stethoscope Caduceus
Emergency Medical Technician EMT (EMT) Ambulance Defibrillator Caduceus Ambulance EMT
Endocrinologist (MD) Thyroid Caduceus Caduceus
Gastroenterologist; Internist (MD) Intestine Stethoscope Caduceus Caduceus
General Practitioner (GP) Stethoscope Caduceus Caduceus
Gynecologist (GYN) Cuterus Uterus Caduceus Caduceus
Hepatologist Liver Caduceus Caduceus
Immunologist Inject Stethoscope Caduceus Atom
Individual Cats Smiling Hand Atom
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Stethoscope Caduceus LPN
Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) Stethoscope Caduceus LVN
Master of Surgery Surgeon (MS) Scalpel Defibrillator Caduceus Caduceus
Medical Assistant (MA) Inject Scrubs Stethoscope MA
Nephrologist Kidneys Caduceus Caduceus
Neurologist Brain Skull Brain Caduceus Atom
Nurse (ADN) Inject Scrubs Stethoscope Nurse
Nurse Practitioner (NP) Inject Stethoscope Caduceus NP
Obstetrician and Gynecologist OB-GYN (OB/GYN) Infant Uterus Cuterus Caduceus Caduceus Stroller
Otolaryngologist (ENT) Brain Thyroid Inner Ear Caduceus
Physician Assistant (PA) Inject Stethoscope Caduceus Caduceus
Psychiatrist; Psychologist Brain Brain Smiling Caduceus Atom
Pulmonologist Lungs Lungs Torso Stethoscope Caduceus
Radiologist Torso Spine Skull Atom
Registered Dietitian (RD) Citrus Fruits Atom
Registered Nurse (RN) RN Inject Stethoscope RN
Venereologist Cuterus Uterus Inject Caduceus
Virologist Inject Microscope Caduceus Caduceus

Click thumbnail images for full-size preview. The years required to obtain various degrees in medicine are not reflected in actual employment in such voca­tions.

Be Someone Different

Put on scrubs or a lab coat and you look like any­one else in the office. With lapel pins, you make a fashion state­ment that earns the proper recog­ni­tion that comes with individuality. Add clarity to professional degrees and medical roles within busy medical offices.

Office advantages aside, anatomical pins are beautiful jewelry. A patient with chronic liver disease may wish to wear the liver lapel pin. A heart attack surviver can take pride in wearing his heart on his sleeve. A diabetic requiring dialysis might sport the pin featuring kidneys. There are even pins to express playful and somber moods like fatigue and sadness.

First Class Jewelry Shipping Option

Inexpensive weight-based First Class shipping option is just a few dollars. Free First Class USA shipping for jewelry valued $50–$100 weighing over 3 ounces. Stan­dard postal mail cannot be tracked, is un­in­sured and FOB ship­ping point. Residential address may qualify for USPS Informed Delivery. Higher value orders should be insured and tracked through another shipping method.

Tiny Lapel Pins Are Huge!

Lapel pins and charms are great morale boosters for hard-working staff, new hires or medical graduates­. If you require large quanti­ties or seek some­thing not within our current inven­tory, send us an email.

These lapel pins are a natural pro­gres­sion of our anatomi­cally themed website that offers anatomy posters and models to educa­­tors, medical offices and hospi­tals. Where appro­priate, logical recom­menda­tions are provided beneath recom­mended blog articles at the bottom of product pages and various articles. Support the growth of ClinicalPosters with your purchase of lapel pins today. #getMDrespect

January 10, 2019 by ClinicalPosters Staff

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