Don’t Be a Cartoon Medical Doctor


As patients, we get it. You went to medical school, served a residency, became a doctor and have helped thou­sands of patients. But drawing may not be one of your note­worthy achieve­­ments. Stick to your strengths. Your doodles are fine for conveying ideas to colleagues. However, we must draw the line for patients.

Kidneys With Rear Organs ModelLaparo­scopic Cholecys­tectomy Cartoon
Kidneys With Rear Organs ModelLaparo­scopic Cholecys­tectomy Drawing
Available Anatomical ModelActual Patient Handout

Sketches may have been required during medical school. When lives are at stake, cartoons do not quite pass the standard of professionalism. For patients to make informed decisions about treatment, they need a clear presenta­tion. Choose anatomically-correct products that accurately convey the intended purpose.

Some doctors learn to draw well and are able thereby able to improve patient communi­ca­tion. I applaud those who have the time and requisite skill.

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