Back To School No‑Sell


Back to School Sale


Retailers historically look forward to selling clothing, notebooks, pens, and pencils during August. Children look forward to receiving new outfits that keep up with new trends and fit as they grow.

The traditional back to school sale has become the art of “selling” the nostalgia of resuming education to parents and children. It is less about shoes and pencils.

ClinicalPosters has educational materials, like the Anatomy & Physiology Coloring Book, but is not marketing a “Back to School Sale.” Education-minded readers also enjoy the Chambers Kids miniseries. Perhaps you will too.

Coronavirus pandemic information represents a historic snapshot of fluid events. To support the writing of useful articles about COVID-19, ClinicalPosters sells human anatomy posters, scientific posters and other products online. You can donate or leave an encourag­ing comment to keep the work going. Stay safe and A Bit More Healthy.

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