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Publish News 3 September 2021

Chapters Continue

Other folks conclude reading their last chapter when they graduate. They seek a job that does not require turning another page. You, on the other hand, have never stopped picking up books. You immerse yourself in different worlds, articulate dialogues, and mind-stimulating plot development.

An affection for reading leads to a more satisfying life. This is because wisdom is dynamic and adaptive. You may prefer gaining a greater understanding of technology, health, finance, history, religion, or food.

Learning from both fiction and non-fiction is rewarding. Non-fiction requires the memorization of facts. Fictional stories nurture imaginative thinking.

Birth of Novellas

After researching and writing non-fictional health articles averaging a thousand words each for more than a dozen years, a new passion emerged. I love writing fictional stories. To be fair, I also love watching fictional mysteries. So writing fictional mysteries merges these two passions.

It first became evident among the ClinicalReads Health blog by writing evocative stories with health benefits. But these still aim to be under a thousand words with a heavy focus on health.

Peek from beneath the covers when watching classic film noirs. Lean into the directorial prowess of Alfred Hitchcock. Marvel at the deductive reasoning of Sherlock Holmes. Merging these talents has resulted in the Clinical Mysteries Novellas blog.

Chapters Become Episodes

The mashup of writing mini novels and fictional mystery stories is apparent with the miniseries format of episodes replacing chapters. The initial intent was to write ten-thousand-word mysteries in divisions of one thousand words each.

Some stories are not complete at this arbitrary limit. Other plots reach matura­tion at three to five thousand words. So each miniseries lasts anywhere from two to twelve episodes.

If you love reading and have a mind for imaginative story development, this diversion into mystery writing with tangential health benefits will entertain you week after cliffhanging week.

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