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Where is your favorite place to solve mysteries? Is it the work water cooler, an auto­mobile back­seat, a lunch room table, a seat on public trans­porta­tion, your yoga mat, a coffee shop chair, your backyard patio, a dark attic floor, or a bed in your boudoir? Perhaps the answer is another mystery.

Get the benefit of multiple mini­series. More than a year’s worth of novellas have already been written. This amounts to close to half a million words. Together, they match the length of at least one novel. Savor nearly twenty different stories that range from three to twelve episodes, or chapters, each. By releasing episodes an average of a thousand words at a time, you can satisfy your craving for clues in manageable servings of a few minutes twice weekly.


What makes these miniseries of novellas so intri­guing? For one thing, there is, but not always, a mystery to solve. Some mysteries are are evident within the first episode while others are manifest late in the series. Endings can diverge far from what you might anticipate. A villain is not a require­ment in a mystery and capture is not inevitable. Some stories are dramas with a sobering message. Others paint fiction over reality.

The protagonist can be a man, woman, or child. With­out profanity or erotica, characters may be vessels of enlighten­ment, adversity, anguish, or romance. You might even be cast in a role after optional login. Site registration is your all-access pass to unlocking exciting series conclusions.

Become a time traveler with bidirectional destina­tions span­ning hundreds of years. Technology varies from what is available in under­developed countries to that which only the future can deliver.

Whether subtle or prominent, each plot contains a health component. It does not require you to diagnose patients. Rather, you discover how they cope with their condition or how it became manifest. Links throughout the vast resources of the ClinicalPosters website provide in-depth health information. This introduces a unique way of investigat­ing healthcare.

Medical Topics

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With a wide variety of themes, there is something for everyone. You can even binge on past episodes. Curl up in a comfy chair with your digital device. Enjoy a brain teasing, heart racing, intellectual roller­coaster of entertain­ment. You might even solve a mystery today.

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