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Let’s Talk About It

Go ahead. Chat with a human. You know you want to. But it doesn’t need be get weird. When chat is enabled, it is pretty obvious. A floating button appears on the bottom of the page. ClinicalPosters has explored different technologies. The challenge is to be available when someone wants to chat.

Some sites include live operators standing by. Vast manpower raises product prices. Others use AI chatbots. These frequently field queries by users trying to see if it’s a real person. Some sites use a combination of both.

One issue with chats is finding a suitable hosting platform. Do users download a custom messaging app? Does it integrate with social media or their normal messaging client? After all, there must be some way to follow up after you leave the web page.

ClinicalPosters is merging technologies that allow chat messages to pop up easily on our end. Working with Apple, we will also be able to respond within your default Message app.

Don’t See the Chat?

An increase in the number elements on small screens interferes with navigation. Therefore, you may see the chat only on wide tablet or desktop computer screens. The usefulness and performance impact are undergoing evaluation. As a result, it may be disabled periodically.

With this website online 24/7, you will inevitably reach us after hours or when staff is servicing other customers. In either instance, leaving a message can get you a prompt response when available.

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