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How You Talk To Your Customers

There are a variety of ways to communicate with customers. The method you choose might depend upon your personal style or skill set. Some people are comfort­able working the phones. If you like to write, blogging or sending newsletters may be your preference. Old-school sales people extol handwritten postcards. Talking in front of a camera for a vlog, or recording sessions in a podcast might be your means of interaction.

Beyond what pleases you, consider how customers prefer to engage. On most websites, new visitors vastly outnumber established customers. Hence, you may not yet have contact information to communicate with the majority of site visitors. Though some do it, many visitors hesitate to use contact forms or navigate phone trees. They remain on one landing page before scurrying away undetected.

How Customers Speak With You

Get Ready To Chat

People visit your website from around the world. In each time zone, normal business hours vary. It defeats the purpose if someone begins a chat, only to receive a message saying no one is available. You still end up communicating via email, text message or phone.

Millions of people chat on Twitter and various text messaging apps. When visiting your website, an intuitive way to interact is by means of a floating chat box. Without navigating menus or relying on email programs, visitors just tap and type for you to reply. If a chat box is so great, what is the primary obstacle for web developers? Manpower. What if you could install a chat system that includes manpower?

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TIDIO offers a reliable way to establish a bonafide two-way chat with a live person. This application integrates into popular e-commerce platforms within seconds. You may also deploy chatbots that interact with visitors when operators are unavailable. Whether you implement chatbots, human chats, or a combination of the two is entirely up to you.

Install a chat system that includes manpower.

A wide variety of AI chatbots are capable of having conversations. Deploying one that interacts with customers—where responses can make or break a sale—is next-level. It should not just simulate human responses, it must have customizations for your specific business.

With TIDIO, you can incorporate your own FAQs into a conversation. Translate responses to different languages if you like. By means of decision trees, TIDIO bots can animate based on visitor behavior. Link into backend databases to share order status, product availability, shipping details, or obtain new subscriber information.

If a visitor has questions beyond the scope of a chatbot, operators receive an alert to join the conversation. As you become more proficient at configuring custom chatbots, the need to intervene lessens. Great TIDIO technical support is available via—you guessed it—chat. For a free trial, visit TIDIO today.

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