Buy Exam Room Anatomy Posters Without Being Blamed

How To Buy Exam Room Anatomy Posters Without Being Blamed For It

If tasked with decorating medical office examination rooms, you are justifiably cautious about making correct decisions. It may seem that the best way to please everyone is to boast about how little you spent.

Unfortunately, after taping posters to the walls, communal disdain becomes audible. Quality materials are more important than the lowest price.

Get Praise, Not Condemnation

You need human anatomy posters for your hospital, medical group, doctor’s office, exam room, or classroom. Commercial frames and soil-resistant finishes look nicer and last longer. This combination is most professional.

When walking down store isles, you enjoy a tactile interaction with products. This experience is absent from online shopping. Many vendors sell poor-quality overseas products with high markups.

Online, you are limited to comparing digital photos. Black picture frames look like identical rectangles, even though prices can range from less than $50 to several hundred dollars. (Solid wood frames are more expensive.)

DeuPair Frames from ClinicalPosters are manufactured in the United States to stringent standards. We have already compared alternatives and, acting as your remote eyes and hands, made optimum choices in materials to eliminate your purchase dissatisfaction because, frankly, we don’t want them shipped back.

We still get a few complaints. A customer of our hygienic laminated posters complained about a plastic frame purchased elsewhere before realizing it was not a DeuPair Frame. A couple of customers sought remediation after running over their DeuPair Frames with a vehicle. But no one has com­plained about the quality of DeuPair Frames that are built to last a lifetime.

Best Advice for Anatomy Poster Shoppers

ClinicalPosters customizes doctors’ medical office exam rooms with a personalized patient experience utilizing interchangeable human anatomy posters within DeuPair frames. Thousands visit ClinicalPosters every month. Over 500 different human anatomy posters with lamination, grommet, and framing options are in stock. You might eschew the mention of such poster upgrades but remember, we are your eyes and have your best interests at heart.

Our next piece of sage advice is for a niche market: If you plan to distribute promotional anatomy posters at a trade show, order our specially sized 18x24 custom imprint anatomy posters. ClinicalPosters has a full-service art department for custom design solutions.

Why Laminate?

Laminated posters are 10 to 20 percent more vibrant and protect the surface from soiling that can occur during normal handling or when some coughs, sneezes in the direction of the poster. Lamination also includes UV filters to preserve colors longer. However, lamination can stress encapsulated paper, resulting in curling one way or another. Reverse roll during shipping helps mitigate this.

A brass grommet in each corner helps to tack things down. However, if this does not provide the optimum aesthetic decor for which you’re striving, the ability to frame posters is jeopardized by grommets.

Wisdom of DeuPair Frames


Many shoppers take a convoluted approach. They buy unlaminated paper posters and tape or thumbtack them to the walls. Unsatisfied with the appearance, the hunt begins for cheap frames that lack the fit, finish, versatility, and quality of DeuPair frames.

Startups and small offices may think this is the only way to stay within budget. Properly installed DeuPair frames can be more cost-effective than thumbtacks, Scotch tape, or cheap particle wood frames. Consider how:

  1. The Cost of a framed anatomy poster is easily recouped after one exam-room visit.
  2. Posters within commercial frames look more professional than thumbtacks, transparent tape, or cheap frames.
  3. When properly installed, DeuPair frames don’t skew or fall from the wall. This saves valuable time straightening pictures and removes liability from falling objects.
  4. Most anatomy posters have narrow margins. DeuPair frames are fractionally sized to prevent text truncation.
  5. Framed laminated posters are more hygienic than exposed paper posters.
  6. Unframed posters must be replaced more frequently as they yellow or suffer damage.
  7. Using a two-in-one or three-in-one frame frees up wall space and saves one-half or one-third of the cost respectively of framing each poster.
  8. Each DeuPair frame ships with a shatterproof clear overlay.

You can hang DeuPair frames, on drywall with a Philip’s screwdriver. If the drywall is soft or the surface is very hard, a pilot hole may require a drill and hammer to tap the plastic stump into the wall. For multiple frames, a tape measure can help make certain they are all at the same height.

Spend Less For More Value

Suppose that three examination rooms each require three different posters. Flimsy frames may be available for half the price of commercial-quality DeuPair frames. So you might purchase nine cheap frames for $30 each at a total cost of $270. Alternatively, you can spend only $180 for three DeuPair frames, which each hold three interchangeable posters.

Which Framing Option is Best?
Photo DetailDeuPair FrameParticle Wood Frame
Purchase OptionsDeuPairCheap
9 Anatomy Posters$180$180
9 Wood Particle Frames·$270
3 Anodized Aluminum Frames$180·
Warranty10 Years·
Total Cost$360$450

Round numbers are used to simplify comparison. Save labor because DeuPair commercial frames with quick-change content do not require outside labor (just 4 screws). Many customers prefer to purchase a DeuPair Frame for each poster. They do not skew, warp, or break. They come with a 10-year warranty. Wood particle (sawdust and glue) alternatives require constant straightening, are less durable, and therefore more costly in the long run.

How likely is it that one patient with hives in a dermatology office also happens to have third-degree skin burns? If a patient in an ob-gyn office has a benign tumor, isn’t it somewhat disconcerting to stare at an anatomy poster detailing breast cancer stages? Shouldn’t charts on urology exam room walls be gender based? Interchangeable frames allow physicians or nurses to instantly customize visuals to the specific patient.

It takes about 20 seconds to slide a different poster to the front of a DeuPair Pocket Frame. The featured poster can be switched within a DeuPair Flip Frame in under 60 seconds. No tools are required to interchange contents and the frames do not need to be removed from the wall. DeuPair Flip Frames also come in a wide range of custom colors.

If you are an office manager, head nurse, or procurement manager or work in a purchasing department, what is keeping you from receiving the praise you deserve? You have control over the reaction. Choose your posters and quality DeuPair Frames to enjoy the accolades.

DeuPair, DeuPair Flip Frame, and DeuPair Pocket Frame are trademarks of ClinicalPosters.

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