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Since this site began, there have been ongoing efforts to align visitors with appropriate content. Medical interest login provides curated products and health articles matching associated medical specialties. Products have been added for the large number of visitors outside of the medical profession. North America free-shipping subscription service is available.

Our mature content filter requires visitors to login in order to remove blur from mature images. A stronger filter retains blur for some individuals even after login.

Some anatomical products have limited medical-specialty interest. High-end breast self-examination instruction models, birthing simulator models and genitourinary catheterization simulators are examples. They include anatomically-correct 3-dimensional replication of human reproductive organs. Blurred or not, they have a limited scope of use relative to most shoppers.

Hide and Seek

ClinicalPosters is now able to selectively hide products from everyone except customers matching the associated medical interest. Customers must login for access permissions to be honored.

Though it may appear that feature is most useful for Ob-Gyn and Urology professions, the feature transcends restriction of mature content or even free-shipping subscrip­tion service for volume purchasers. A line of hidden products may be sold to hospitals and other industries. Repeat customers are urged to sign in before shopping to see the full range of available anatomy products.

The ClinicalPosters website includes three levels of content protection using a variety of modern technologies. Recent optimization on each level has improved responsiveness of this site for many users. More privacy means better content for you.

September 07, 2018 by Kevin Williams

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