You’re Doing It Backwards

Doing It Backwards

A Right Way, a Wrong Way and Your Way

We appreciate your effort. Like most people, you are pretty confident that the way you do things is the right way. But generally, there is a right way, a wrong way, and your way.

Are you a good driver? Likely you would feel pretty confident driving around a race track in your vehicle at a reasonable pace. If asked to do the same in a much larger limousine, you might signifi­cantly reduce your speed and feel exhilarated. But what if you are asked to punch the pedal to the metal—in reverse?

“That’s insane!” you may reply. Presidential limo drivers must master such evasive driving skills in a 20,000-pound bulletproof carriage before getting in the vehicle with the POTUS.

Experts call the support of ideas that only reinforce our thinking-motivated reasoning.

Login First

At some online shopping sites, you begin adding items to your cart immediately. Perhaps the only reason for logging in is to check order status or history. You can do this at ClinicalPosters but the site really comes to life when login—backwards. The account login page allows you to select a medical specialty if not previously defined.

ClinicalPosters Login Distinction
#FeatureLoginGeneral Access
Blog AccessNews, Sites, Health *News, Sites, Health
Blog ReferencesNews, Sites, Health *News
Blog Schedule HighlightsEnabled †Disabled
Category CurationEnabled †Disabled
Customer AccountEnabledDisabled
Fast CheckoutEnabled †Disabled
Mature PhotosSharpBlur

* With subscription. † Repeat customers.

That’s right, from your second shopping session forward, login first, then shop. (If you have never added a password, register first.) Though you are still free to shop the other way around, this method automatically filters articles and products related to interests established during your first purchase. Even though you can do it your way, try it in reverse for a more exhilarating and economical anatomical experience.

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