Compare Diseases of the Digestive System Posters

Diseases of the Digestive System Posters

Great News!

ClinicalPosters has two anatomy posters entitled “Diseases of the Digestive System.” The bad news is that the titles can be confused and the wrong poster may received. Look more than 5 seconds at the preview images and differences will begin to emerge.

This is not a revision. Both anatomy posters are currently in our inventory. If casually ordered along with standard-size gastro­enterology posters, the new poster will stick out—literally. It is two inches taller and wider. So don’t try to squeeze it into a standard 20x26-inch frame. It is possible to request Pocket Frames or Flip Frames for the new 22x28 inch posters.

These are certainly not the only two gastro­enterology anatomy posters available. Many gastro­entero­lo­gists and internists display different types for their patients. But “Diseases of the Digestive System” is a very popular title. This warrants highlighting differences between similar posters.

“Diseases of the Digestive System” Anatomy Poster Comparison
FeatureSPL (2016)
WK (2006)
Disorders #21+31
Dimensions22x28 inches20x26 inches
ConditionsMain image +17 detailed insetsLabeled main image +2 insets
Unique featuresGastritis; hernia; duodenal ulcerLiver depicts 7 conditions
Poster PriceLower costStandard
Frame SizeOversizeStandard

The newer anatomy poster presents more variations of ulcers, esophageal ailments (GERD, esophagitis, Barrett’s) and gastritis (atrophic, erosive, acute, hypertrophic). Cancer of the stomach and colon are depicted separately as well. Counting such variations amounts to about 21 disorders. In a head-to-head comparison, each poster depicts diseases differently and some things on one poster may not be present on the other.

No two patients present ailments exactly alike. Having a variety of views allows doctors and surgeons to better communicate conditions to patients and offer the best care. Get the latest anatomy poster in your choice of finishes now from ClinicalPosters.

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