Mature Content Filters Enabled

The site for doctors is nearly safe enough for kids.

This Article Has No Lewd Content

ClinicalPosters is primarily a site for medical professionals. Some health articles can be medically technical and sexually innocuous. A few anatomy posters and articles contain graphically explicit content that permits healthcare professionals to assess value of material when treating or consulting with patients. Graphic material may include words and/or pictures anatomically describing and/or illustrating human reproductive organs. Other articles might depict or discuss drugs, needles, addiction, gross anatomical surgical procedures, phlegm, lesions or blood.

All content is dignified, lacking vulgarity. Though anatomy posters for children are available in the pediatric section, as stated on the privacy page, this site is not intended for minors. Children merit specific protection with regard to creating user profiles and the collection of personal data when using services offered directly to a child.

Caution—Do Not Cross

Five features have been implemented to protect youths and alert visitors to presence of mature medical content.

  1. Yellow banner alert
  2. Photo blurring
  3. Absent social sharing buttons
  4. Copying and printing image disabled
  5. Graphic article images require manual reveal

This page demonstrates each feature. Clicking the yellow banner at the top of page exits to an associated directory page (or this article when there is no such directory). In combination with aforementioned warnings, clicking a triangle (like the safe sample image below) toggles visibility of videos or graphic images. The banner alert displays whether logged in or not. These precautions are designed as a deterrent but are not foolproof. Blurry images come into focus when a user logs in. Visitors who pay a nominal fee gain access to public content sans obfuscation with login.

Safe Sample Image Mature Content Filters Enabled

This website is not a substitute for proper childhood sex education. Parents are reminded of their responsibility to discuss sexual matters with children and monitor Internet behavior. If deemed necessary, parents may select what content is appropriate for this purpose from this site. Medical professionals are encouraged to login before shopping for best representation of poster content.

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