Lack of Grommets is No Mistake

Lack of Grommets is Not a Mistake — It’s a Feature

Lack of grommets allows you to pivot and repurpose.

We list anatomy poster finishes as either heavy paper or laminate. But there is a distinction between our laminate options. To most shops, laminated posters come with a metal grommet in each of the top two corners. ClinicalPosters does not include grommets by default. So are you getting less value? Not at all.

By applying custom finishing, ClinicalPosters provides a higher-quality laminate. It is twice as thick, has a luxurious satin finish, and includes UV light filters to preserve colors longer. Add this up, and our laminate is a higher value than others with grommets. Hygienic lamination sans grommets is a distinguishing feature of ClinicalPosters.

Picture This

Lack of grommets has another advantage: The posters can be framed. Imagine you purchase a dozen posters with grommets to hang in a few exam rooms. They arrive as ordered and the content is fine. But after hanging them, you realize they don’t look as nice as expected. There is not quite enough pizzazz. Now you want them framed. Buzzz! This is no longer an ideal option unless you trim off the grommets along with some of the poster content or have the grommets showing through the frame—either of which looks silly.

Picture the same scenario but substitute laminated posters without grommets. You still have the hygienic barrier. They can be hung with double-stick tape, removable adhesive, banner tabs or push pins. When you get a little more money in your budget, they can be easily upgraded with DeuPair Pocket Frame or Flip Frame. Either of which does not require a professional framer. Just hang the frame with four screws and slide in one or more posters.

Once you begin hanging posters with grommets, you are somewhat committed.

Remember, once you begin hanging posters with grommets, you are somewhat committed, for consistency’s sake—migrating to frames can require replacing all your posters. The lack of grommets allows you to pivot and repurpose. If you absolutely, positively must-have grommets, we can add them. Click the link on each poster product page to purchase them in the same order as a finishing upgrade.

Bad Habits Die Hard

You might be thinking, that adding them on another page is a little bit of a hassle. Why not include grommets as an alternate finishing option? Good question. We tried that. It messed up inventory counts.

You really want to know how?

Stock for each poster is divided by the number of finishes offered—32 posters with 8 finishing options means there are only 4 of each. So inventory for each finish is listed as 1/8 of available stock on hand.

Default selections on product pages now feature options that provide you with the most versatility and durability. Hygienic lamination is the default for anatomy posters and is where most of the inventory is allotted. You must physically override defaults with an inferior option.

Other features simplify selections after login. Reorder with a click. Get one-tap access to a collection of posters matching your medical interests. Blog articles relating to that specialty likewise have prominence. All of this not only makes ClinicalPosters a special place to shop but also makes it a special place to be a customer. You’re welcome.

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