Why Do Patients Purchase Anatomy Posters?

Why Do Patients Purchase Anatomy Posters?
I am so tired of explaining to visitors what is wrong with me. Now I just point to the poster hanging on the wall in my home.

It is understandable why medical professionals grace their exam room walls with beautifully detailed human anatomy posters. It is even more obvious why colleges and universities hang anatomy posters in classrooms. Yet, a smaller number of uncredentialed people buy our products. Here are some reasons why.

A person with a life-altering condition rapaciously consumes as much information as possible about illness. Today’s tech-savvy patients have mobile access to the Internet and are often well-informed of possible diagnoses and treatments before visiting medical specialists. Some proudly identify themselves as e-Patients. The abundance of available information may lead well-intentioned patients down errant paths.

As a trained professional illuminates the diagnosis with the aid of hanging anatomy posters, patients’ eyes brighten. But how can patients absorb all the content with which they are presented? They leave the office and become customers of ClinicalPosters.

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What groups of laypersons shop here? Medical students and illustrators like to hang posters related to their specialties within dorm rooms. Parents might want to educate children about why they need to monitor sugar with diabetes or how to behave with asthma. It may be handy to keep guidelines on nutrition in the kitchen. Manufacturing companies benefit from having burn care guidelines posted in dangerous areas. Cosmetologists like to display posters with skin and hair diagrams.

Sometimes patients with potentially embarrassing symptoms want to rule out serious conditions before exposing their perineum to others. Caregivers may study anatomy posters related to the conditions of those in their care. With the abundance of doctors’ shows, television studios are often looking for appropriate props. Then, of course, we have our pediatric anatomy posters that are ideal for homeschooled students.

So don’t be shy about purchasing anatomy posters if your only credential is Dr. Mom. Just be certain not to self-diagnose and treat yourself. Leave that to professionals.

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